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Is magic real?

I have always wondered...if it really was real. If you have preformed magic before than please share your experiences with me... But if you are some mean person that knows nothing on this please go away.

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    Its is very real. The magic of showing someone something that they know can't be rational or performed without the use of 'something else' eg magic is the mose brilliant thing in the world. Most simple 'magic tricks' can be performed (although not 'magic' strictly speaking) usually slight of hand or misdirection is the only thing needed.

    The magic comes from performing the trick, and convincing the audience that what you've done is magic as there can be no other explanation.

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    Tricks are tricks. Magic is magic.

    Tricks are a form of entertainment, magic on the other hand is more real-world.

    Magic to people in ancient times was just as real as fruit growing on a tree. It was an accepted part of the lives of people.

    Today, many think that a card trick is magic. it is not.

    Magic was an art form and "practice" that has been largely lost today. Many who dabble in it today, have no idea what they are doing. They simply redefine "magic" for themselves when it is nothing but "tricks."

    What is done in scientific labs today would be considered magic long ago.

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    technically magic is just something undiscovered by the united (as in more than half) people, like in the 1700s a driverless cart would have been considered magic or witchcraft so if the magic you are referring to is real then maybe in 100-200 years everyone will be able to do it or a small few or none

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    World class magicians normally use a combination of both paranormal and illusion tricks. Magic (paranormal) is the use of paranormal methods to manipulate natural forces. Magic (illusion) is the art of appearing to perform supernatural feats.

    Magic (paranormal) or sorcery is the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language with the aim of exploiting supernatural forces. You may find examples by searching “demon magicians”, “Yif”, or “Cyril” on YouTube.

    To understand all these, you must believe in or have experience with the other dimensions, supernatural or spiritual world. Please keep in mind that the Bible advises against any practice of magic arts and sorcery involving the help of any evil spirits/demons.

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    I believe in magic. Not the Houdini sort of stuff because that is filled with illusions and deception.

    I dont believe that there is some magical unicorn that used to/still exist/s. But it could be just like the one horned rhino who is someday going to become extinct (sry to break it to ya, but we all know its gonna happen even if it will be 100 yrs frm now- but we never know the future humans could die before rhinos.) well i read an amazing book called "the truth about unicorns". Its non fiction and has a lot of info about unicorns. But i believe that unicorns were just once actual one horned horses. (Uni-one corn-cone or horn).

    I read auras and that can be considered magic. I mean i taught myself, and im sure magic is something that anyone (with a strong brain) can learn. It would take years to master from someone experienced. Magic has probably been kept a secret for thousands of years. Every year we believe less because science overpowers us. The human race NEEDS a logical explanation that can be backed up by facts. Imagine if everyone was born with or taught how to use magic, we would have endless and mass-destructive wars.

    I believe in witchcraft and voodoo magic. Though i think its more like a religion than for evil unnatural purposes. Witchcraft in my own words is not the "ugly witch of the west" or evil. Its more like a tradition that is no longer celebrated by most. Voodoo is just something that many people mistaken for evil. Because of at least one bad story bout voodoo or witchcraft doesnt mean that they are all bad.

    Yes there is dark magic though, its never safe or good.

    Ik this is an old question, but i just had to say something. Most people mistaken magic for many wrong things.

  • It's real, very real, and very dangerous. True magic got something to do with the spirit word, with the demons, the book The Secret Teaching Of All Ages by Manly P Hall is the best introduction to this magical and dark word, if you start reading this book on Monday you will be talking to the devil by Tuesday and all the legions of demons. Becareful is real very real.

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    It's never been documented, and everyone who's claimed to be able to do it has failed to prove so in a lab. So from a scientific viewpoint, no, it's fake. But I suppose if it were real it would be one of those things you can't do unless you believe in it.

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    So many poor souls search their journey in this life for money,power,or sex. They get the idea that if they could only find something that would give them an edge that would give them an easy or quick way to get ahead in this crazy dull world. They felt that magic might be the answer. I was guilty too!

    But I am sorry that after a half a century I believe that true magic lies in all of us. I could be wrong but I think for each of us magic is a very personal thing and for each of us it takes place when our heart,mind,and soul becomes as one but it must be only for ourselves. You may think this is very selfish but the truth is(at least for me) We must be true and believe in ourselves to see the world as it truly is. and

    to be able to open ourselves to the wonders around us and then we can truly be involved with the magic of this world!!!!!!!!

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    sure it's not like a scientific process (a + b = c). if magic was as simple as a word, say abacadabra, then anyone could do it and the cosequesces would probably have destroyed humanity eons ago.

    if you mean magic like flying, turning invisable, and transformation yes you can do that..however in order to do so requires that your brain is so rewired that it would be nearly impossible to funtion in "the real world"..and if a person is able to do magic..and control it..they last thing they would want is any noteriety. You know they still kill witches.

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    magic might go around worlds that we do not now about but you can still dream

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    Just because you cant see magic dose not mean it is real I mean you cant see air it is still there

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