How many of you here are sick of the "war" between Greeks and their neighboors?

Ok so I know you all really enjoy calling each other names and insulting both countries from both sides.And even though I do understand it may be fun for some people to sit behind their computers and insult people they don't know and will never see in their lives(and mutilating the english language while they're at it) don't you think that it is time to let it go?And I'm talking to both sides here,Greeks and Fyromians,I'm sick of only reading questions to insult the one or the other...C'mon we are all grown-ups here,don't you think it's time to start acting like ones?It only takes one side to stop and the other one will follow...Stop this nonsense and stop destroying the Greek section and settle your differences at lunch time in the schoolyard of the kindergarden you all belong in....jeeez!


First of all,i don't think i insult anyone by calling him Fyromian,since last time I checked the official name of the country hasn't changed yet and is still Fyrom.If it ever changes to Macedonia,know i'll be the first to call you Macedonians since I really don't understand what all the fuss is about(on the contrary with many of my landmates I don't mind if you call your country Macedonia,it doesn't bother me much,it's just a name).

I've never been called a hypocrite in my life,one thing everybody who knows me knows is that i'm really straightforward and I always say what's on my mind.

I am tied of this "war",difference of opinions though,cause this used to be a nice section,where everybody could participate and now all the questions are about the same thing.One side will never convince the other they are right so why even bother?

Update 2:

To is that all there is:I never attacked you,I doubted you and your motives,you can hardly call expressing doubts about someone an attack...what you are doing here,now that's an attack.Plus I don't think that issues you may have with me or anybody else at a different place than Y!A should be mentioned here,cause it doesn't concern anybody else than you and me.Plus if i was a hypocrite as you claim,I would have played all nice to you and would have badmouthed you to other people.Did I do that?No i posted my doubts where you could see them and reply.Anyway,maybe you too suffer from "syndromo katadioksis" as other people here do and if that's the case too bad for you,I hope one day you'll get rid of it,I know how it feels not to trust anyone and to think everybody is after you(been there a few years ago) and it really sucks,so best luck to you on solving that issue...

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    I'm in agreement with you. The Greek section used to be a nice place to it has become a war-torn ghetto.. I want to fix it up and make it what it used to be...

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    Gee, you almost got me fooled. I really thought that you have a sinciere intentions, but as i read on your post, i changed my mind. I can feel the irony in every word! “First of all,i don't think i insult anyone by calling him Fyromian,since last time I checked the official name of the country hasn't changed yet and is still Fyrom.” And this suppose to mean that you are sick of the war?! You just put fuel into it! And “if it’s just a name” why didn’t you put the question like this: “How many... blah blah... between Greeks and Macedonians?” Ha?!

    I, myself, too am bored with this, but i think we (all of us) will never learn that we have a different opinions about a same thing and deal with that. Yeah, i’m present in your section and if noone have notised, i have answered many questions there with good intentions, since i’ve been so many times in Greece and have some knowledge. But why do you guys, whenever you see the name Macedonia get irritated and immediately send posts denying our identity, even if the question was related to tourism, language or whatever about my country ?! You know, so many countries in the world have recognized us after our constitutional name and don’t call us the way you do... Than, who is provoking here?

    And if we some how didn’t understand each other and if you really have nice intentions, that’s great...


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    I absolutely agree with ragzeus, this shouldn't be considered as so big problem. People can ignore everything what is bothering them, or stand up against it, it's their choice. You can never get rid of trolls or ignorant people anyway.

    I must say that I really disagree with people who say they simply leave Greece section. It's completely normal that some people come and go, but I believe that this is a forum, on the 1st place, and if this is a Greek section, I think it's not natural that greek people don't participate. They are the ones who can give the best picture about their country, but that's just my opinion. If it's up to trolls, than I guess they prevail with their nonsenses and bad english. After all, it's democracy, and yahoo is the owner of this site. It is perfectly normal that people have different opinions, but when somebody want to discredit Greece, for example, or any other country, by all means, than it's prefectly obvious who he/she is. And there is a option for that too.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As a foreign ocasional visitor of this section, I am sad seeing that it apparently has become a kind of political circus infected by the trolls...

    Your section is not the only one, in fact most of the travel sections are unfortunately attacked, .as many losers cowardly satisfy their hatred pulsions on the internet....

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    Although much of this war is attributed to be my doing, I feel I that i have to say somehing on this matter.

    Certain people are keen in prolonging this situation and the big question is what is there to gain? I f they want the place of honor in this section they can use different methods than what so far are using. The first step will be to do something in the clear , for the simple reson that their ways are exposed in full detail. Unfortunately they got away for far too long and they are not willing to change their ways. The harm done to the country first and to the section seconly is far more serious than the personal gain. Calling names like slav-albanian or any combination do not give honour or credit to their point.

    So try to get people to respect your ways and not your schemes and you will be I'm positive again reinstated to your

    place of honour. Manipulating people and situations will not be the way . Falsely attributed powers that I lack of are not the reason for this war. I know what i know and that is good for me.

    Source(s): BTW. My family lineage at least as far back as 5 generations and 2 ahead are listed on the registry books of an old "kefaloxwri" known for its long and rebellious history in culture, education, and prosperity of its population. Just to clear a point made. So you can send the armies.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As I am not Greek or live in any of the neighbor countries - it is none of my business( or yours if you are not directly involved) .

    I accept and tolerate my fellow human being's behavior - in other words, I love them so they can do whatever they like.

    And if they want to be in war - it's their problem not mine.


    Just feel sick if you like.

    You are the one who have to live with that sick feeling.

    Have a nice time.

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    Dear, I only add one word on your request:


    Unfortunately, as you clearly see from the answers above this is not going to happen and now you know why.

    Greeks are here to have fun and exchange some information about Greece as this is the Y!A tourist section after all.

    Apparently, some others find it their way of showing hostility, and spread rumors and misconceptions against Greece.

    I admire Greeks' restrain so far, I just hope is not attributed to too little Greek coffee:)


    PS: Ooops, someone deleted his answer already (or Y!A deleted it for him)

    More peace!!

    Source(s): Varipeponismos mallon, xipnate vre, tha mas fan laxano oi agrioi edo!!
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    This is a travel section to begin with. There are sections for "love" and "war" so it behooves those that have other notions to be directed to the sections pertaining to them.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not sick. I am off! And followed many others left before me...

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