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Was Jesus celebrating the Jewish Passover? Or the Christian Easter Holiday?

Jesus broke all the rules about the Passover celebration... Jesus didn't celebrate a Jewish Passover, but a Christian one! The celebration of the Passover in a Jewish home was ordained by God the Father to be celebrated eternally and for ever in a family setting where the son asks his father, "why is this night so different from the other nights"? and the Father, not the Sunday School Teacher takes the time to explain everybody the Exodus story... Since all of Jesus Apostles rejected their families to follow Jesus they had no family setting to celebrate the Jewish Passover so they were obviously forcd to start celebrating EASTER as we know it today...

I know that most Christians actually eat Jesus' Blood and Flesh, but my question is, where do they get the Bunny and he Eggs into this celbration?

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    The same where they got Santa Claus from.

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    Um, Jesus and the Apostles were celebrating the Jewish Passover, NOT the Easter event. The Easter event was the death and resurrection of Jesus. Since He couldn't be at the table, on the cross and resurrected at the same time. He was celebrating the Jewish Passover. Christianity came FROM Jewish traditions. The Roman emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire. Due to most of the Romans and, alot of the conquered nations, believed in paganism, he incorporsted some pagan dates into Christianity, Easter was one. This was to assist in the assimilation of these people into the new faith.

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    You are so far off course, you're not even in the same ballpark!

    Where does one begin, where there are so many misconceptions?

    There was no such thing as a "Christian easter holiday" as easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the grave the morning of the third day after he was crucified.

    I guess you have never heard of Yeshiva students who leave their family and live at the Yeshiva. In the old days, they left family not to live in the Yeshiva, but to live with their teacher.

    There was no need for the 4 questions, as there were no children present. In fact, that wasn't added until many many years later. The early Pesach had the basics, but not a lot of the "bells and whistles" that modern Jewery has added.

    Oh, yeah - Christians are vampires who drink the blood of others! Where DO you get your "stupid" ideas from?????

    The "blood" and "flesh" that you're referring to was the 3rd cup of wine and the Afikomen. Jesus said, "As often as you do this, do this in remembrance of me," thus adding a new dimension to the Pesach service. Do this in remembrance of the Exodus, but also do it in remembrance of me. If you say something so rediculous as this, it just shows your own ignorance!

    And if non-christians "celebrate" easter egg hunts, what has that to do with true Christianity? Again, this shows a complete ignorance on things you attack, but know nothing about!

    Get your facts straight, and then maybe you won't ask questions that make you look like a fool!

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    There was no Christian Easter when Jesus was alive, for the simple reason that Christianity didn't develop until after he was killed by the Romans.

    Jesus was an observant Jew and he celebrated Passover, as well as all the other Jewish festivals and occasions.

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  • So Jews can't celebrate Passover unless they are with their parents? Wow, talk about forced family activities. But obviously he did not celebrate Easter, as it was the thursday (if the story I was told makes any sense at all) before THE Easter... I mean, he didn't say "hey guys, let's celebrate that in three days I will have risen from the dead!" Perhaps he celebrated the pagan Easter?

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    Jesus always celebrated the Jewish Passover.

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    Huh? Jesus was a good Jewish person, He celebrated Passover just like every other Jewish man.

    You umm, DO realize that the celebration of Easter was done to celebrate His resurrection from the dead, right? So how is it possible for Him to celebrate it BEFORE He died?

    You make no sense hon lol

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    The Passover is the celebration of the looking forward too the Sacrifice of God. On that last Passover Jesus did not celebrate it because He was about to become that Lamb. Easter is NOT a Christian holy day. It is a Catholic one. They incorporated it into their religion from the pagans that they allowed to take over their religion. The pagan celebration of easter is the ascension of Tammuz (his spirit after his death) to take over the morning star. Just as Nimrods spirit, after his death, took over the Sun and Semiramis's took over the Moon. This is the trinity! Nimrod, the founder and builder of Babylon; Semiramis, his queen; Tammuz, her son.

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    You are greatly mistaken. Jesus observed Passover very strictly. The word "Easter" appears in the Bible only once, and even then it is a mistranslation of "pascha" meaning Passover.

    The elements of Easter are all pagan.

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