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Will the Pittsburgh pirates win the Nl central?

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    As a Pirates fan, there has to be a great deal of change within the team's core for them to even be considered anything resembling a contender. First of all, the team needs depth at the major league level, especially behind the plate and in the outfield. Ronny Paulino, Carlos Maldonado, and Ryan Doumit just can't cut it, especially in terms of game calling. As far as outfielders go, Chris Duffy and Nate McClouth are essentially the same player, and that is not a good thing. Those guys need to go. Xavier Nady is talented, but is miscast as a starting outfielder. Jason Bay had a garbage year because of the lack of power bats surrounding him in the batting order. Adam LaRoche is a good power hitter, but do the Pirates really need a guy who is a second half standout? Kind of wish LaRoche showed up back in April, May and June, when the Buccos needed him the most. The middle infield is one of three plusses for the Pirates. Freddy Sanchez is a hard worker at second base. He can hit and play solid defense. As can Jack Wilson. Why the Pirates want to trade him (because the old regime was made up of cheap bastards) aside from monetary reasons is beyond me. Third base has to be addressed. Jose Castillo is a dog, and Jose Bautista runs hot and cold (similar to the Penguins' Marc-Andre Fleury...there's my hockey reference in this post). With the pitching staff, there lies a great deal of promise...if the youngsters are properly led by a good pitching coach. Former Pirates PC Jim Colburn ruined Zach Duke, and that kid needs to get back on track to realize his potential and in a hurry! Ian Snell, Tom Gozelanny and Shane Youman are talented finesse pitchers who will move up, provided there is defense and a decent offense picking them up on a given night. That trio was perhaps the most screwed over in terms of quality starts versus lack of offense in the entire league last season. Matt Morris was a huge mistake, and let's face it: both John Van Benscoten and Bryan Bullington are just about out of chances (they are busts). The bullpen is solid, with Damaso Marte, John Grabow, Matt Capps, and Salomon Torres often pitching the beleaguered staff out of jams. Plus, it would help the youngsters if one (or more) of the current core is dealt before opening day (Bay?). Whoever manages this team next season has a great deal of talent to work with (plus Steve Pearce, Andrew McClutcheon, Nyjler Morgan, and Neil Walker coming up), but these guys need to be brought along carefully. Management also has to stay committed to building from within and adding necessary pieces (instead of the previous regime's "let's sig a free agent just to sign one" philosophy) to help this team contend. Bottom line: the Pirates are two seasons away from joining the likes of Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Louis as contenders for the National League Central crown.

    One more thing: for more responses try putting a question like this in the Baseball section. We hockey fans tend to get territorial when someone infringes upon our space.

    Source(s): Hockey (and lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates) fan!
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    Unfortunately for you the hockey fans don't take kindly to others in these forums, but fortunately for you I'm a baseball fan that answers these types of questions (though usually in the baseball section). First, I'm a Cardinals fan, so when it comes to baseball it's the NL Central and then the rest of the league that gets my attention. As a Cardinals fan, I have to say I always look forward to playing the pirates because it usually means we take at least 2/3. The problem with the pirates is that any little talent they generate seems to be sent off to another team (I've heard rumors that Jason Bay is going bye bye). A major league team should not give the appearance of a farm team, but this seems to be what is happening. The Pittsburgh fans appear to be pretty loyal (and they'd have to be given the recent Pirates struggle), so it's sad to tell you that it's not likely that they will win the NL Central in the next few years unless management decides to build teams rather than players. The worst news for the Pirates is that this season created the following illusion: the NL Central is weak, because the competition this year for the NL Central playoff spot was between two teams that were barely holding over .500. It would appear a non-stellar team could capture that playoff spot, thus giving hope. The truth is the Pirates have done next to nothing to improve, while the consensus is that Milwaukee is only going to get better, the Cubs are finally willing to give winning a shot and the Cardinals had pitching problems galore that should be greatly improved for 2008 (if Carpenter comes back healthy there's no reason the Cards can't put together a season well over the .500 mark). The reds also hired Dusty Baker, which while Cincinnati may be complaining about the move, I say the man got the Giants AND the Cubs (two teams not synonmous with winning) not only into the playoffs but a World Series appearance for San Fran and NLCS appearace for Chicago (which as the story goes would have been World Series if not for Steve Bartman). Finally, Houston, never cared much for the ASStros and they're a tough team to gauge performance wise. I wish good luck to the Pirates, but unfortunately they're going to need a lot of it.

    Source(s): P.S. Read the wikipedia article on the Parrot. It's the weirdest yet funniest thing I've ever come across on wikipedia.
  • First of all this is hockey not baseball. I'm a Pirates fan and I don't think until atleast 5 years they will win the NL central. Penguins are still young playoffs might miss next year maybe stanley cup another 2 years. Three years maybe win the stanley cup. The Steelers playoffs this year I don't think super bowl maybe hope so but doubt it.

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    God bless Snoop and any of the 'Burghers who follow the Bucs.

    I don't hear "Pirates" and "win" in the same sentence much. I don't think that's a sign of their likeliness to win, but sometimes they do, be it accidental or something. For awhile though, I just thought the turnout at games was because the hotdogs at PNC Park were out of this world.

    ...SIGH... Perhaps if they were as mighty as the Islanders and had a superstar like Rick DiPietro on their team, things would be different.

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    Uh, the Pittsburgh Pirates do not exist anymore. They folded in 1931 (as the Philadelphia Quakers) due to the Depression. Oh, you mean the baseball Pirates! Jeez, get your question in the right category.

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    If you're talking hockey, it's the Pittsburgh PENGUINS---- not Pirates, which is baseball. Football is Steelers.

    Pirates don't win much of anything. They suk.

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    Once apon a time, there was a boy with a question. One day, he asked the question in a wrong section and had the crap beaten out of him by the regulars.

    The moral: You may have an interesting question, but you won't get an answer if you don't ask in the right section.

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    Baseball talk in November and the Pirates nonetheless??? Wow!

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    Let's go Bucs! You never know who will win that horrible division

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    even after the world series, there are still baseball questions in the hockey section. how bout' that.

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