MLS or Mexican soccer?

MLS' soccer level and audience is rising but so is the FMF (Mexican soccer) soccer level. Also, the FMF has tradition and alot of history, so that's one up. MLS, however, is more likely to bring big stars to the league; they may be stars past their prime but little by little they will have the best.

Personally, I like the FMF alot better because I think it's still more competitive and far more may be the commentators or because I'm use to it, I don't know. I am Cruz Azul by heart.


Give good arguments only. Refrain from insulting both leagues or teams. If you are going to say that "!...", please state why. I see too much of this hit and run type of coversations.

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    My pick is MLS, but that is only because I know nothing about the FMF and I am impartial to American leagues. However, here is how I see it: in Mexico, the FMF will always be bigger there than the MLS will be in America. Yet beyond that, I think the MLS will eventually be bigger and better. European players like Beckham, Henry, Angel, etc don't want to go to Mexico, they want to go to New York and Los Angeles and Chicago. The biggest challenge the Mexican league will have is the fact that it is covered in Spanish. American stereotypes of the FMF include toilet paper and advertisements strewn across a field with a Spanish speaking telecaster yelling "Goooooal." Many people will struggle to see the quality of soccer beyond that image. For now, the FMF is definitely more competitive, but as the MLS gets older and more rivalries develop, the competition and intensity will dramatically increase.

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  • I'd go with FMF heck yeah, it is much more better that other leagues. I ARIVA EL AMERICA

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    why cant you like both?

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    meican soccer of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!becuz mexico rules and it is better the mls are wanna b's

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    Soccer a Sport???

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