quarantined items!!?

I run an extremely good spyware program...a2,it finds everything and the computer is running really well after I quarantine the "suspicious" items...but does this mean they could re-install themselves without me knowing? Should I delete everything in the history???Thanks.

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    Malware removal is somewhat of an inexact science. Mistakes can and do happen. Often. False-positive detections happen more often then the anti-malware industry cares to admit. It's their dirty little secret.

    Needed system files can be mistakenly flagged as malware. Quarantining allows a way to undo any incorrect file deletions, easily, if it ever becomes necessary. When the anti-virus vendor finds their mistake and corrects the signature definitions, for you, the user, it is too late. The file has already been permanently deleted. And then it's, "tough luck Charlie!"

    A file in quarantine is totally safe. It can do no harm.

    You should quarantine everything for a month or so, then if all is OK with your computer and all of your programs, then you can delete.

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    Quarantine is the best place for suspicious files

    1) they cant run in there

    2) at a later date you maybe able to use updated definitions to clean the file

    3) if your system starts demanding the file back you could restore it from quarantine (this option is a last resort)

    Normally new spyware and viruses are found with in a few days in which time there will be new virus definitions to help you clean the file

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    Providing they are quarantined you are safe. However, if some were found in System Restore it is possible that they may come back. If unsure turn off System Restore. Run A-squared. Turn on System Restore.


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    Before making any final decision on your A2 quarantine, check out their forum to see if any of your suspicious items may be false-positives. A2 users tend to jump on FP's pretty quick in that forum.


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    If everything is running fine, make a back up point via system restore and then delete and reboot. if everything remains fine, then make a new back up point via system restore.

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