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what about overpopulation? God cant be okay with gay couples?

God forgot about overpopulation problem? or He just likes to scare people as usual, in this case with Apocalypse? I know He said that a man and a woman should be together and make babies. but did He said how many babies? there are families that have 12 kids - as 12 apostles. have you seen any street in big cities in Asia? people barely walk.

but why God wont accept homosexuals? they can save two problems: overpopulation and orphans. well female couples could make babies (with help of sperm bank), but not male couples, so two gay men cant increase population, so they are already solving overpopulation. think if there were no homosexuals, then everyone would make babies and population would grow more faster.

and because gay men cant make babies, they can adopt orphans. look at all those little kids in orphanages, its not normal. so homosexuals can solve two things population growth and orphans that needs parents.


does it really matters if a child says that he or she has two mothers or two fathers? what about kids with single mums or dads? do they have a second parent? they grow up with just one parent and they are fine.

gay parents should only learn their kids that its common on this Planet to kiss the opposite gender. thats why they are so affraid to adopt kids, cause children would grow up thinking that they have to be together with the same gender. that would create a lot of confusion in puberty. gay couples should allow their children to see straight couples. but arent kids from straight couples confused too? children grow up with thinking that they have to be together with the opposite gender, but some of them dont like it and then they arent sure if its ok to love the same gender.

and even straight parents needs to be educated about how to raise a child. many of them doesnt realize how small things can be really bad for kids. people wouldnt be shy if they would be raised correctly.

Update 2:

gay couples can be so much better parents than straight ones. I live with straight parents and they arent okay with gay people. thats why homosexual parents are better, a kid wont grow up in the family full of hate (except if a couple would hate the opposite gender but its very rare).

two problems solved. end of story. so the Pope will still be against them because God said so?

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    I'm not too worried about overpopulation. However, if one wants to be gay, that is their choice. God is no respecter of persons. He loves all the same.

    The following quote comes from the book that explains what all of Revelation means:

    Though they have been convinced otherwise, modern-day Christians perpetuate hate against the homosexuals, non-Christians, and those who choose to abort the flesh of their own bodies before the spirit enters therein. They generate many other biases and prejudices contrary to loving thy neighbor as thyself. The persecution of their neighbor, their “fear of God,” and the erroneous way in which they “worship,” illuminates what they fear the most—damnation (ignorance) instead of salvation (knowledge of truth).

    As does every other religion upon earth, Christian sects exalt themselves above others who do not fit their description of “righteousness.” The Muslims believe the prophet Mohammed was the last prophet to live upon earth, and worship him as they do Allah, which is the name for the Islamic God. The Hindus believe they are correct. The Buddhist disagrees.

    The whole world is filled with “the gospel” of what we should do, but few “worship” the true God who “made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” Why? Because we are so involved in the grandeur and glory of the “beast,” and that “great city Babylon” which provides for our every desire and pleasure, that we pay no attention to the “mark in our right hands and foreheads.”

    If two people who love each other want to raise a child/children, that is up to them. How can love be "bad"?

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    Firstly I have children and live with my hubby and I don't hate gay people - male or female.

    I may not like certain aspects of their lifestyle generally and I don't choose to live that way but I have neighbours and work colleagues which I consider friends - I still would prefer my children to grown up be heterosexual adults in stable relationships

    If the majority of people in the world were gay it still would not be normal as we would all die out.

    I have twins (first time lucky) I have no intention of having anymore the cost would simply kill me - however there are millions of people out there would don't want, can't have or didn't get the chance to have children overpopulation is not just due to the rate that women are popping out babies - it is more to do with the length of time people are living for - does that mean that you would want to enforce euthanasia.

    Please note that some gay people have "normal" relationships and then decide that they can't continue so that does not necessarily mean that they make the ideal parent

    Take off your rose tinted glasses - people are people and one is all good as we don't live in a perfect world and not all gays want orphans - with science as it is they are able to have their own babies through surrogacy and such like

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    WOW what a tough concept...... Take the religion and pope away...... take the prejudice away. Allow yourself to find your own higher power......, be it God or whom or what ever....God created man, God Gave man abilities to make Choices....good or bad.. Society pays the price ie....overpopulation, starvation, homelessness poverty ect. What happens between two consenting adults behind closed doors is no ones business regardless of gender.. DO NOT JUDGE LESS YE BE JUDGED THY SELVES. I Think it does not matter what type of family system a child is brought up in as long as they are raised with morals, values, respect, responsibilities and choices the child will then be able to have a normal (what the hell is normal anyway) LIfe.

    As far as overpopulated thats mans choices again

    By the way as far as what the Pope thinks well Im not catholic anad I was taught to be respectful. thats one religion that has no business judging others ...look at what some of the prophecies say about who the next Pope John Paul II is gives ya something to think about now doesnt it.

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    God gave us free will, which lets us create War, Famine, and drought, among other things to control population so we don't need guy couples or birth control to do that for us. Preventing teen pregnancy and sex before marriage (unwed mothers) would go along way in solving the problem and God would like it too. If we would obey what God tells us not to do, then it would balance out with what he tells us we should do. God does not give bad advise.

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    not all (but at least most) of that is not true. most kids don't grow up thinking they have to like the opposite gender, they usually (if they're staight) just do. Sure as little kids they say "Eww, i'll never like girls!!" or whatever else, they usually end up tripping over their tongue trying to talk to a girl, that they meet for the first time, that they like. I think God accepts homosexuals (slightly) because the fact that there are some, says that he does somewhat accept them. As of God scaring people, why would he do that? A father might jump out a closet and scare his kid, but he isn't going to say "I will kill you and all your siblings in a fiery holocaust!", to mess around, does he?

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    Read this related to the birth control part and overpopulation:

    The idea that the world is overpopulated is a lie. The Western world is underpopulated.

    And....homosexuality specifically goes against the Bible. If you read the Bible you will see that God hates the act of homosexuality and is very against it. Whoever writes that a homosexual is more "Christian" is wrong because if a Christian goes deliberately against the Bible, they are surely to see the wrath of God for not repenting of their sins.

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    Actually that's the scientific theory for the development of homosexuals. There was a study that claimed that homosexuals are more common in later generations of large families. It seems to be an attempt to stop some of that line from overpopulating. I can see how the writers of such texts, would disapprove, because in their time, overpopulation was certainly not an issue, but quite the contrary. The Bible is full of metaphors and allegory which really equate to common sense nowadays, but they certainly are not a source of verifiable evidence, or historical fact.

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    The problem in the Western World is not overpopulation but underpopulation

    Pope Paul 6 was very prophetic.

    The basic problem of same sex'marriage' is that it is contrary to Natural Law and no amount of window dressing or silencing opposition is going to make that go away.

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    You people will say absolutely ANYTHING to get homosexuality accepted. Nothing will change, no matter what you say. God is against it, just as he is against lying, stealing, adultery etc and ALWAYS will be.

    Are you sure homosexuality is the only method of birth control you know? Are you SURE? How many gays adopt babies? How many (in relation to all the gay couples in the world) have adopted babies? What makes you they will suddenly start to do so? What are you smoking?

    The Bible urges parents to take care of their families, and limiting family size makes that easier. The Bible is NOT against birth control. It's up to the couple to decide how many children they'll have and how often.

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    God, and fundamentalist Christians, should accept, support and love gay people, and allow them the freedom to be who they are without hatred, prejudice or condemnation, because it is the moral thing to do. Sorry, but overpopulation has nothing to do with it.

    ADDED: Yup, thumbs down for "accept, support and love..." Fine Christian attitude. God save America from those who would presume to save America for God!

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