Mona-Vie and Primerica scams?

Are those two scams? My cousin is trying to get the whole famiy into primerica or mona-vie. Hes says its really great and you make a lot of money. I think the idea sounds stupid because its a pyramid scheme and you have to pay for monthly for some stuff or u have to pay to get a liscence......i think its a scam. What do u think?

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    They are both basically pyramid schemes; "Mona-vie" is just berry juice that can't treat, cure or prevent anything (if they could, all the people that eat them all the time where they grow wouldn't have the diseases the "Mona-vie" people claim their special juice prevents....)

    Cancer rates are RISING in Brazil, where that berry grows.

    The Primerica deal is not so much a scam as a multi-level marketing model based on a TRULY stupid idea... From the Primerica blurb: "What you get from the Primerica business opportunity is a chance to enter the financial services industry without any prior experience or qualifications. They provide the necessary tools and training needed for success..."

    If you wouldn't trust a surgeon who got all her training in High School, why would you believe you can learn to honestly help people with their finances after a few weeks training? Citigroup deserve to be publically shamed for allowing this nonsense to go on! Primerica's expectation is that your cousin will talk you & other family members into something, anything, and that's all incremental business for them.

    Tell your cousin to grow up and get a clue! (See if he can think of any OTHER jobs where the employee pays the employer...LOL!)

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    I don't know anything about Mona-Vie, but I'm a current agent at Primerica for the past 3 years and I can tell you that Primerica is very regulated company. At the beginning, I was hesitant to join the company because I had the same theories like you. I thought it was a pyramid scheme, a scam, sounded too good to be true. But I got more information about the company and decided to give this business opportunity a shot. If I fail, at least I will get a financial education that I never knew before. If I succeed, I make money and overrides.

    Primerica is definitely not a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid scheme, you have to pay a fee and the person who recruited you gets paid commission on that. Pyramid schemes is illegal in the United States and many other countries, and if Primerica was a pyramid scheme, this company would of been shut down a long time ago, everyone would lose their licenses, and Art Williams would be in prison.

    At Primerica, your fee (which is $99) goes to your state to start your licensing process. You will go to a very interesting life insurance school and if you fail that school, you can take it over again as many times as you want for free. After passing that class, you will take the state exam and if you pass that, Primerica will reimburse your licensing fee. You will also get to be mortgage certified by watching a 30 minute video. You are also licensed to recruit people. If you don't like to recruit, thats up to you since its your business. You can run the business by yourself or you can get people to make it work.

    I don't know about you, I don't think you will find any other business opportunities like Primerica. There's a high need for their services. People are in debt, saving very little or no money, and uncertain about their financial future. Primerica has solutions to all these problems. Plus, you don't have to pay rent, salaries, commissions, or inventory to run your business because its all taken care of. The only thing you need in this business is a pen, notebook, and a phone. If you don't have a phone, you can go to the office and make phone calls from there.

    Scam or ripoff companies don't provide all this to you. They make you buy stuff and then you have to sell what you buy. They make you pay for rent, office equipment, and other things. They probably don't even have a support system to help you build your business. At Primerica, everything is provided and you don't need to own their products to sell. But if a client ask what you have, how are you going to answer if you don't own the product you are trying to sell? I own Primerica's life insurance, investments, and prepaid legal. I don't have any debt, but if I did, I would of have their debt elimination loan too.

    Anyway, if you think Primerica is a scam, you are entitled to your own theories. If you knew the truth, you would of join the company and start building your business.

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    Hello, How are you today? First of all Primerica is not an scam, nor a pyramid. A true pyramid would fall apart in matter of a short period of time. Primerica has been in business since Feb. 1977 and its part of Citigroup the largest finacial company on Earth and they would not be apart of any scam that has been on going for 30 years.Let me ask you what are you doing now and how is it structured?... 30 floor/hourly employees, 3 managers, 1 GM all companys are structured this way. Yes you can make a lot of money I have made $1,014 this week personally but if I dont work ( laziness on my part) no money will be earned. Why do we invest $50,000 into opening up a store to sell to people in hopes to provide for our families more opp. to live a better life. the primericaonline for reps is the $25/mo. charge that will help you study for those liscences you mentioned and manage your client accounts and much more to help you learn and grow, to help families, and your OWN . In order to sell products to people you must be lic. to do so. But I do say that Primerica is not for everyone, it is diffcult to do just as being a Real Estate agent is. But in over the long run it is worth all the issues that are there. I have a 4 year old and worked 40 - 60 hours a week all her live without spending as much time with her, Primerica allows me to set my own schedule so I can now do what ever with her, whenever I choose ( SHE'S MY WHY)

    Source(s): my own life, from a former slave of the lender and employer
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    I don't know about Primerica, but I know that Mona-Vie is a real company with a real product. But as far as the amount of money you'll make may be a bit exaggerated. The whole idea of recruiting people and getting them into a business is sad. If you get into Mona-Vie, just sell the drink and not try to recruit because its not going to happen.

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    yes it is a scam...u know that. its a confidence scheme..the purveyors of teh scheme count on you caving in to fit in with y our friends family or church members. That scheme ran thru my church and alot of people lost their life savigs and theri faith. steer clear. Thank u for bein brave enuff to ask questions. I asked questions too..but it practically got me kicked out of my church for not going along. But i kept my money :)

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