Plz Help Me Find The Name Of This Cartoon Strip/Book?

I had a flashback of a comic strip or child's book I used to read about a little kid who used to get into mischief..I forgot the name of it..It's NOT Dennis the menace's about a little kid with his/her hair in a ponytail that stuck straight up & messy..One particular part I remember is him/her trying to bake something in the oven for his mom as a surprise, he overdoes it & the food starts bubbling out of the oven, all over the floor, & he scoops it up and starts eating it...and it's sticky...i'm not sure if he has an imaginary friend or not, but there's always something or someone there with him in his/her mischiefs.....please help me remember and find the name of might start with a "P"...i'm not sure...the era I read it was in the 80' it might be a "70's -80's" strip/book....the book wasn't in a magazine style like Marvel either......THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING!! :D :D :D


P.S........IT'S NOT CALVIN & HOBBES EITHER...It may have been a little hispanic kid......I'm not sure

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    is it Calvin and hobbes? a little boy who imaginges his stuffed tiger is alive and they always get into trouble.

  • aston
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    4 years ago

    spongebob, timmy tuner, danny phantom, jimmy neutron,Blue (fosters living house ......), that avatar dude with that arrow on his head. that's all that i can imagine of sorry good success!!! luv u all ~elise~

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