Solar energy for my house?

for christmas im going to ask for a small solar energy kit, just something i can keep in my room to charge my cell phone or run my stereo, what do i need to get, how big of panel, do i need any converters or anything or do i just plug it in to the panel, is there a website i can buy what i need from, please help i want to be green and cut my emissions but i dont know what i need for a little solar it in my room to charge a cell phone or run a stereo, thanks, will pick best for information and websites/ books etc. and for answering all questions, thanks again

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    Here are some resources where you can learn more about solar energy. I've also included links to products that can be purchased online and four book titles that may help you. Good luck!

    links to a variety of small-scale solar products.

    Solar lights:,portable_led...

    Cell phone charger from Gaiam:

    Cell phone charger from Silicon Solar Inc:

    Solar battery chargers from Amazon:

    Other solar products:

    A review for the solar lights available from Kansas Wind Power

    Learn more about solar energy:

    This article, Home off the grid by Michael Burnham - 10.3.05, from Sustainable Industries discusses current and future uses of solar and wind energy:

    Solar Energy International - Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future:

    Information Resources from the US Dept of Energy - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy:

    Solar Energy Industries Association:

    For information regarding large-scale solar projects: The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency provides info on state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote energy and energy and efficiency.

    Books you might find useful:

    Designing a renewable energy home : choices for sustainable power including wind, solar, wood, photovoltaic (PV), biomass, hydrogen, home-sized power plants, woodgas, natural cooling & A/C, combined heat and power (CHP), fuel cells, thermophotovoltaic (TPV), alcohol/ethanol, electricity, batteries, automobile power, and much more. by Mel Moench

    Publisher:Buffalo, Minn. : Osprey Press, ©2006.

    Homeowners guide to energy independence : alternative power sources for the average American. by Christine Woodside

    Publisher:Guilford, CT : Lyons Press, ©2006.

    Power with nature : alternative energy solutions for homeowners. by Rex A Ewing

    Publisher:Masonville, CO : PixyJack Press, ©2006.

    Edition:Updated 2nd ed | 2 Editions

    Energy, use less--save more : 100 energy-saving tips for the home. by Jon Clift; Amanda Cuthbert

    Publisher:White River Junction, Vt. : Chelsea Green Pub. Co., [2007].

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    I think your confused. There's no such thing as 'solar batteries' that go on your roof. There are solar panels on the roof as part of a solar energy system, in which case you will need to know what the amp-hour rating of the backup batteries are matched to the required voltage the regulator needs. Most converters output 120 VAC for house hold power but can take many different voltages as backup depending on the converter model you buy. If you don't have a converter able to accept alternate sources of power as backup, then you may end up changing your converter out as an upgrade.

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    I often advise people like you to pick one room and totally convert it.

    After a year or so you will be trying to convert the rest of the house.

    The best setup for you would likely be a 50w panel, 12v marine battery OR car booster pack with car cigeratte lighter in/out plug & a 300/400w invertor.

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    The solar lights you get for your garden. Are cheap and can be taken apart. From the panels you can connect in series and parallel a volt meter is a must. You could then easily make a phone charger. They also contain 2 AA rechargeable batteries.

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