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Has anyone else noticed that liberals are "tolerant" of everything except for conservatives and Christians?

They are "tolerant" of homosexuality, killing of unborn children, and every religion and political viewpoint in the world, except for political conservatives, and conservative Christians. Please star this question if you agree:)

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    Good Question, but I think that you really need to provide proof of your statement before you can expect others to follow along or provide honest answers.

    So let me see if I can add a little proof for you.

    Liberals believe in taking from the rich to give to the poor no matter how the rich were able to acquire their wealth. Oh and you have to be careful of the definition of rich and poor because with liberals that changes quite regularly. As I understand it today, rich is anyone who earns over $125k annually and poor is anyone who earns less than $80k annually. Check the democrat presidential candidates' health care plans for that one.

    Liberals are adamant about negoiating with terrorist Mulsims for freedom of religion but will not allow God to be mentioned in any public school even though our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

    Oh and that brings us to another proof of liberal tolerance. Liberal are so very tolerant of everyone else, that they have to attempt to rewrite our history and the lives of our founding fathers so as not to offend anyone else, but they care not of those who they offend by these revisions to history.

    And then I think that you might have a problem with liberals wanting to unAmericanize this country by allowing people to show up illegally and participate in our government and welfare systems. Seems to me that if you do things like that, then you no longer have the identity that made America what is originally was and should be.

    Yep, I believe that liberals are very tolerant of others, but the problem is who those others are. Seems that those who liberals are tolerant of are not their neighbors and fellow American citizens, which I guess means that they are not tolerant of conservatives and/or Christians.

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      School did not make me an atheist or an evolutionist or a Muslim. If school can turn your child into something else, I'm wondering whether or not you taught that child individualism well in the first place, or just how to parrot from authority figures.

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    Yes, because they are wimps for they know that Conservative Christians won't hunt them down or kill them.

    Why else would they wander in and make a mockery of church services?

    They are jealous too because it was pointed out to them that Conservative Christians give more of their own time and money to help the poor than do liberals.

    If someone was to make the same kind of attacks on let say Muslims you be they be outraged.

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    You got it all *** backwards. As a liberal, I support that a woman should have control over her own body and homosexuals should be in control of their own love life. If your a conservative, good for you. But don't kid yourself, its CONSERVATIVE for a reason. Your views and values are the furthest thing from tolerant. Accept it

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    Originally the old fashioned liberals could be very Christian and loyal to their country. Some of the first feminists were Christian and Pro Life. But you have to consider the Rothschild Effect. The Rothschilds have infiltrated both the left and right wing.

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    Liberal Christians? Hah ha! That is a joke!

    Liberals hate Christians and Conservatives because they believe in FREEDOM. Freedom of the will to accept Christ as their personal savior and freedom from oppressive government.

    While Liberals believe in Freedom to kill their unborn baby and freedom to engage in perverted sexual conduct.

    And most of all Liberals believe in freedom to lie about the people they hate.

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      Lunacy! Freedom is the the ability to choose to do whatever you want. You just endorse CONTROL. I agree with a balance. I'm a Christian but strongly reject American conservatism for its antichristian ideals. Worldly freedom is not biblical. Freedom from.sin is biblical. Don't confuse the two.

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    Westhill- the majority of libs are athiest and wouldnt spit on you if you was on fire! You so called "Christians" have taken Christ out of Christmas. But by all means lets have Govt money put on Foot Baths in airports for the special Muslims in our midst. I hate to think that a Muslim couldn't clean his feet before KILLIN' a plane load of Americans.

    How many children did you liberal christians turn a deaf ear to as they were torn from their life support system (womb)? But you all say you care for the children!

    Liberals are the Best friend our enemy has........Doom & Gloom is all you people want to harp on in the media but at the same time you say you are behind our troops. You clowns are probly the long hairs that treated us Vietnam Vets with distain and loathing threats. Thanks for the Welcome Home you all gave us by the way!

    Tolerant.......I think not but go ahead and blow sunshine up each others azz if it makes you all feel warm and fuzzy all over!

    Source(s): sick up and fed of left BS
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    good question, I must agree....I need to add a note to westhill about people aborting down syndrome babies....I chose NOT to have the down syndrome test, its a choice to have the test done and by choosing not to have it done is really easy. I knew I would love my baby regardless, so why would i even care to know until my baby arrives....thats how I felt and many other women I know felt that way I am not sure where you get you 90% statistic from, but i would suggest its inaccurate!

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    I love all these people saying that liberals (who are for abortion, the death penalty, and homosexuality) all call themselves Christians. Have they READ the Bible? I'm not throwing stones, having many sins myself, but am not deluded either.

  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    It is the typical liberal mindset of hypocrisy. Liberals are driven by emotion rather than by rational thought, to the point that the emotional response by the liberal holds court over reason and fact.

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    Noticed it....stated it....stand by cannot call yourself a Christian, and support marriages.....or anything else the Bible states is wrong.

    You may be as devoutly religious as Ahmadinejad himself....that does not make you a Christian....

    I can call myself a wiccan....Jew....Muslim...etc....or any other name, widely associated with that particular religious sect......but unless I follow the tenets and practices of that faith....calling myself that would be dishonest.

    Even some "churches" are cashing in on this new age of accept EVERYTHING, in the name of tolerance....then why profess any religion...if absolutely everything goes...

    God drew lines....Jesus drew lines....and if you are going to profess to believe in have to accept the lines They saw fit to draw, as well. If I called myself a Muslim...but ate pork....drank alcohol...wore halter tops and short shorts in public..refused to pray in the direction of well do you think I would be accepted by the Muslim community....?

    Lyrics from a song by Casting says alot about today's morality.

    United States of America

    Looks like another silent night

    As we're sung to sleep by philosophies

    That save the trees and kill the children

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