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are all areas of my life ruined?

im 30 with borderline personality disorder, never been employed or gained qualifications...due to my condition and extensive trauma.

i feel im barred from accessing a good life now because there will be a stigma, a negative stigma about ive been labelled.

i know for a fact theres a negative stigma about BPD. i feel like my history and no employment history will all go against me. ill be ' barred ' from accessing a god job or other oppurtunities.

ive aged badly have physical imperfections, and im worried its to late at 30, that im at major disadvantages.

i feel i'll have to carry my past around like a dead weight forever.

my ultimate ambition is to emigrate from the uk....i want to get away ' desperatly '..outside europe for a complete fresh start.

i want security, stability, a loving partner, my own home a good job..good friends. to live near the beach.

all the things ive never had.

but because of my circumstances & mental health record i fear im screwed.


no employment history...been in a psychiatric


have a petty criminal record going years back.

im struggling with a severe illness and im worried

about my future and oppurtunities.

the things ive mentioned i desperatly want to


please do not say stay in the uk and be happy.

because i dont want to, ive decided what i want

and its the things ive mentioned

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    No wonder you feel like getting that fulfilled life you crave is so difficult. You've been through a lot - and I guess you have put some others through a lot too. That's then and now is now.

    Where in UK are you?

    The reason I ask is that I live in a community where many young men and women feel as you do. Never had jobs, been in trouble, mental ill health ... but slowly we are working hard to turn all that around. In fact, I had my lunch today at a restaurant we've got going and was waited on by a young man who felt just as you do, while the wonderful meal was cooked by young men and women who also felt that way a while back. Working with people right across the community we are creating opportunities for training and employment in the building trade, horticulture, catering and hospitality.

    No-one should be written off and I hope you will not write yourself off. Somewhere not too far from you is someone like me who believes every person was born for a purpose. There are networks to help you and others who feel similar things to break the cycle and move on.

    The fact that you have been so open about your situation tells me you are ready to meet new opportunities.

    Hope things work out for you.

    Good wishes.

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    Here in us and would assume all other there are public and private agencies which place people in ur situation in jobs and provide training. They are not all good here in vermont they are crap in new york where i used to live they are better a friend in connectcut said they are good there as well,Companies are given tax breaks to hire disadavantaged people as well. Some people are ignorant about bdp and other issues but these are not people u want to work for anyway. Also ur medical history is none of their buisness as for criminal record some places check many don't 30 is not old i'm 31u have a long good life ahead of u

    sometimes it feels bad for me 2 but u do as i do.

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    u are doubting yourself badly , because u are damage. u should be a brave person , to even live like that, because people inthat situation kill themself , but u didn't. and agin u will find love , plus love is not about your looks or how person is damage , love is loving a person no matter what the sickiness they have or other problem. and another we can't always get what we wish for , but we can get something much better , trust me , it will happen.

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    Omega......I command you to get off the computer and go take a walk outside. Breathe in deeply. Let the sun shine on your face. I have already went out and did this now it is your turn. Don't come back on the computer until you do and let me know how it went!!! You know I care that's why I say this. Now, go do it. (((hugs)))

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    1 decade ago

    can you file for disability? Why not write a book about your ordeal you are not the only one out there like that, how about go into business for yourself, or try getting a student loan and going to college....I think you can find someone, join a support group for BPD....good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you have your mind set to leave, and you believe it's possible, then you will. What actions are you taking to make the first step towards emigrating?

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you are still alive then definitely not yet.

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