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What are your ancestors' nationalities (survey)?

In school, I'm doing a survey, please tell:

-All of your nationalities that you know of

-Who immigrated from that country (ex: parents, grandparents etc)

-What generation American you are (ex: first, second, third etc)

-Anything else that is interesting about your nationalities

Thanks in adv!

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    1. On my dad's side I'm: Italian, German, french, and British

    On my mom's side: I'm Scottish, Irish, British, and Russian

    2. My ancestors have lived in this country for many generations, with the exception of my paternal grandmothers family. Her parents (my great grand-parents) came here from Italy as teenagers.

    3. I'm a third generation American in my paternal grandmother's family, the rest of my family has been here for generations

    4. If I were to break down my cultural heritage in percentages: I'm 25% Italian, about 20% German, about 20% Scottish, about 20% Irish, about 8% British, about 4% French, and about 4% Russian.

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    my Farther is from Scotland,my Mother is half English from colonial times, many generations ago, and half Irish from the potato famine about 5 generations ago.

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    my mum's side is bouganvillian and it is too many generations to count there is no story about them immigrating there ever, my dad's side is english and well yeah not much to tell they have always been anglo.

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    i'm black american, 5th generation scottish and 4th generation native american

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    I am bolivian, i was born there and my parents are bolivian...

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