William Bradford had an unfortunate event which occurred shortly after arriving in the New World. What was thi

William Bradford had an unfortunate event which occurred shortly after arriving in the New World. What was this unfortunate event?

His first wife, Dorothy, fell overboard.

The Mayflower was immediately seized and pillaged by the “savages” who inhabited the land.

Bradford came down with pneumonia.

His fellow crewmembers rebelled against him because of the severe weather conditions which they felt he led them into.

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    Chronology of William Bradford’s Life

    1590 William Bradford is born and then baptized on March 19 in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England.

    1602 William Bradford becomes a regular attender at Puritan and Separatist meetings, coming under the influence of William Brewster and John Robinson of the Scrooby Separatist Congregation.

    1608 The Scrooby Separatists begin to leave England and settle in Holland.

    1609 William Bradford joins the Scrooby Separatists in Amsterdam.

    1613 William Bradford marries Dorothy May.

    1620 The Mayflower Pilgrims voyage to Plymouth. Dorothy May dies. Some sources say drowned, some say died while the Mayflower was moored, some say she committed suicide.

    1621 The first governor of Plymouth, John Carver, dies. William Bradford is elected governor, holding the position (except for 5 years) for the remainder of his life.

    1622 Mourt's Relation, based on writings by William Bradford and Edward Winslow among others, is published in London.

    1623 William Bradford marries the widow Alice Carpenter Southworth.

    1630 William Bradford begins the writings that eventually become Of Plymouth Plantation.

    1650 William Bradford stops writing Of Plymouth Plantation, ending with the year 1646 and adding a current list of the Mayflower passengers and their status in the year 1650.

    1657 William Bradford dies.

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