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Why does every politico have to go on SNL or the Daily Show or some other comedy show?

We already know they're clowns.

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    Young people are no longer watching regular newscasts. In opinion polls most young adults say they get their political information from shows like the ones you site ( a scary thought). In order to reach voters in that demographic politicos feel the need to appear on such shows.

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    there target market for the client is 30-50yrs of age witch is a large voting group

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    Well, they want to show their constituents, their voting public, their lighter side--the one that no one really sees when they're at work. It makes them appear more human---approachable, maybe likeable, maybe funny.

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    Liberalism is a mental disorder, according to Dr. Savage. I think he's on to something too.

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    exposure to let the public see a differnt side of them..where/when the can let their guard down a little bit

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