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The mean cost of a fridge is $700. On average it costs $100 to provide the electricity for 1 year and the appliance will last for 15 years.

What is the total annual cost for a fridge. Include cost of electricity and you will have it for 15 yrs

Determine a function that gives the annual cost of a fridge as a function of the number of years you own the fridge. Explain all components of the function in terms of the context.

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    $700 (purchase) + $100 (annual cost) x 15 (years you owned the fridge) = $700 + $1500 = $2200

    Function: (purchase) + (annual cost)x(number of years you owned the fridge)

    Function here: $700 + $100 x, where x equals the number of years you owned the fridge

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    For the first part, determine the cost if you own it for 15 years. All you have to do is take the cost of the actual fridge which is $700. After that all you do is if it costs 100 dollars for one year, then for fifteen years it will cost $1500. $700 + $1500 = $1200.

    A function would just be $700 + $100x where x equals number of years you own the fridge.

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