How Many Women Are Suffering Mentally Every Day From Being a Victim of a Bill Clinton Sex Crime?

... for which he never went to jail?

Any? a Few? Several?

Do women easily forget being a victim of sex crimes? Or is that something that takes a tremendous toll on a woman's life?

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    Contrary to so many posters, that this not relevant, it most certainly is an excellent question. Why? Because Hillary Rodham is the front running Democrat candidate for President next year. AND, she has some responsibility for these heinous crimes. SHE knew and did nothing except to try to hide them from the public.

    The liar who complained that the victims were credible is living in a dream world or is a bald face liar. I suspect the later. Juanita Broaddrick's claims of rape are extremely credible as well as Kathleen Wiley's claims of molestation, and if ANY Republican or Business man had done with Monica as Bill did, he would have gone to jail. Courts have found that when the man is in a power position over a woman, that the rules change, he is guilty of sexual harassment, at least.

    I don't suppose we will ever know how many victims Bill left in his wake, but he is a serial sex offender.

  • angier
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    4 years ago

    "If a criminal is punished in the same means their victims were, would there nonetheless be as many crimes?" i assume we is not going to comprehend for precise unless it clearly happened ... However i am of the opinion that, no, there wouldn't be *as many*. Would it still occur? Of course. On the whole? Might be. As ongoing as it's correct now? Ehh, i do not suppose it could. The whole "eye for a watch" factor is skewed too, for me and my private beliefs. A person (or woman) is an grownup. A boy or woman is a child. They have two thoroughly extraordinary mentalities. A six year ancient girl probably has no concept what intercourse is, even as an adult does. So a youngster rape victim is going to react in a different way than an adult rape sufferer. I cannot say youngster victims are extra traumatized than adults, however I feel commonly it could have a higher outcomes on the child. Rape changes any one's entire life - but rape as a child ought to have further devastation. It ruins their childhood. Ruins their lifestyles, in some instances. So for the rapist (as an adult) to be raped in return, i don't believe it would have an identical rebounds for the rapist as it will a baby. Does that make experience? I was once raped once I was once thirteen. I had your general, rudimentary potential of intercourse on the time (determine A is inserted into slot B, whatever), but at the same time I was horrified and disgusted and humiliated and guilty all whilst. I can not suppose the way it need to think for that to happen to a child who would have no idea what was happening. But anyway, I maybe slightly biased closer to these types of things. I'm simply looking to show that the "eye for an eye fixed" deal doesn't work, really. If I had my method? It depends upon the severity of the crime, but i would not discriminate. I wouldn't give them the death penalty for a fashioned rape, or life in jail. However they'd get many, a long time in jail. And if they screw up their 2nd risk, good, their fault. Of direction that's most effective my view, one out of six billion and blahdeeblah.

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    4 years ago

    "If a criminal is punished contained in a similar way their sufferers have been, would there nonetheless be as many crimes?" i assume we will not be attentive to for specific except it actual happened ... yet i'm of the opinion that, no, there does no longer be *as many*. would it nonetheless ensue? of direction. oftentimes? perchance. As ongoing because it is sweet now? Ehh, i do no longer think of it would. the entire "eye for a watch" ingredient is skewed too, for me and my own ideals. a guy (or lady) is an person. A infant is a newborn. they have 2 completely distinctive mentalities. A six three hundred and sixty 5 days previous lady extra beneficial than probably has no concept what intercourse is, whilst an person does. So a newborn rape sufferer is going to react in a distinctive way than an person rape sufferer. i will't say newborn sufferers are extra traumatized than adults, yet i think of in maximum situations it would have a larger effect on the newborn. Rape ameliorations somebody's finished existence - yet rape as a newborn would desire to have extra devastation. It ruins their young infants. Ruins their existence, sometimes. So for the rapist (as an person) to be raped in return, i do no longer think of it would have comparable rebounds for the rapist because it would a newborn. Does that make experience? i became raped whilst i became 13. I had your elementary, rudimentary understanding of intercourse on the time (discern A is inserted into slot B, regardless of), yet on a similar time i became horrified and disgusted and humiliated and responsible all on a similar time. i will't think of the way it extremely is going to sense for that to ensue to a newborn who would have not got any concept what became occurring. yet besides, i'd be slightly biased in the direction of lots of those issues. i'm only attempting to coach that the "eye for a watch" deal would not artwork, extremely. If I had my way? It relies upon on the severity of the crime, yet i does no longer discriminate. i does no longer provide them the dying penalty for a basic rape, or existence in detention center. yet they might get many, some years in detention center. And in the event that they screw up their 2nd possibility, nicely, their fault. of direction it extremely is in common terms my view, one out of six billion and blahdeeblah.

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    Yeah, this is not a current topic. Bill Clinton is not running for office.

    This is as relevant to politics today as all the idiots still sporting John Kerry bumper stickers.

    Can't you people get with the program? We have a primary election coming up in about 60 days. Maybe we should start talking about that one, huh?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This has to be a joke question right...seriously come on, it is isn't it???? I mean I'm laughing my a** off right now. Sex crime??? when did he commit a sex crime? Last I heard he cheated on his wife and had consensual sex/or sex related activity with someone named Monica. Where and when did the sex crime happen? And if it did, why would anyone be more upset by that than the news that shows hundreds of child molesters and rapists victims on a daily basis? Maybe you should find a hobby.

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    Many, and most did not come forward. Clinton spoke to President Gerald Ford, asking him what he should do, (it is in Ford's memoirs). Ford advised Bill to tell the truth and to go and get help for his sex addiction. Clinton said, "No, I can't do that!"

    People seem to forget all the women he had both consensual and non-consensual sex with and went to court in Arkansas.

    Ex-President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky interfered with his ability to hunt down Twin Towers terrorist Osama Bin Laden. This came from Dick Morris as reported in NewsMax, September 27, 2001.

    Dick Morris stated,"My sense is that the affair made him passive and risk-averse." "As a result, I think he was less inclined to interfere with the military or to order long-term involvement," explained the man who engineered Clinton's second-term election victory.

    It is pertinent today, because if Hillary were to be elected into the White House, Bill would be right up there with her making decisions, and his antics with women would take away from the serious matters that needed to be addressed.

    Hillary as always covered for Bill, but she berated him for his affairs screaming, "You stupid f----ing moron! How could you risk your presidency for this?"

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    Are you one of them",Lets Talk,Lets Talk about things issues,I want to listen",,,,I 've noticed you are walking funny,whats that stain on your Blue Sweater?You know the one that all of us taxpayers paid millions of dollars to have analyzed.Oh yeah and don't forget all the alleged victims have made millions on books they have had written and interviews on the cable stations,E- tonight.

  • 1 decade ago

    He's not President any more.

    Let it Go.

    I am as conservative as any one you will encounter, and my opinion is that we look foolish clinging to hatred of Clinton. We should, instead, make our case about where we want this country to go in the future.

    I give the same opinion to all those Bush haters out there. Tell me what you want to Do, not who you want to hurt.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not as many as are worried about bush sending someone in to murder them.

    P.S. NOT ONE of the women accusing President Clinton of "sex crimes" is credible. And I find it fascinating all these rightwingnuts who have suddenly jumped on the "Women's Rights" bandwagon.

    Disgustingly hypocritical. And transparent.

  • Stan
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    1 decade ago

    Hey sam ba bam...If I were you, I'd worry more about Bush doing you in the butt.

    Because that's exactly what Bush is doing to our whole country.

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