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How do you react to this article.. Feminist Author & Icon Doris Lessing say "Lay Off Men"?

The novelist Doris Lessing yesterday claimed that men were the new silent victims in the sex war, "continually demeaned and insulted" by women without a whimper of protest.

Lessing, who became a feminist icon with the books The Grass is Singing and The Golden Notebook, said a "lazy and insidious" culture had taken hold within feminism that revelled in flailing men.

Young boys were being weighed down with guilt about the crimes of their sex, she told the Edinburgh book festival, while energy which could be used to get proper child care was being dissipated in the pointless humiliation of men.

"I find myself increasingly shocked at the unthinking and automatic rubbishing of men which is now so part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed," the 81-year-old Persian-born writer said yesterday.

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What are your thoughts and reactions?

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    Hell, I could have said that.

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    it is true that men have to stop being the 'agents of blame' and start being the 'agents of change'

    however, what is more often overlooked is how chauvinists have behaved in the past 3 decades (women are inferior; women can't do that); people have only looked at how the feminists behaved.

    to solve any problem, however, most people believe we must start with accountability. in canada, groups now call 'violence against women' - men's violence against women b/c in the majority of cases, men have initiated it (and while men are more often victims of violence, it's often violence initiated by other men). so i think it will be interesting to see what will happen. in other countries, contrary to men to popular opinion, we call it 'violence against women' without ever mentioning the perps and most articles written on the subject are in passive tense - not active (as in the man strangled the woman).

    there are many other instances where men arent' blamed directly (women's rising incidence of HIV), men's gender roles (women tend to stay away from defining them), and the fact that women initiate 3/4 of divorce --- if it were the ohter way around - men initiated divorce - women would be reemed for being 'bad wives' -- i realize i have just mentioned 3 fairly taboo topics and i apologize if it offends anyone.

    anyway, no doubt men have to and must participate in a movement towards equality in order for it to be obtained.

    how to do this is the question...

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    Well, two wrongs don't make a right, but maybe the jokes about men will stop when the female 51% of the population is represented by more than 17% in the Senate, and a woman has been elected to this country's highest office. I mean, come on... who's got it worse???

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    I agree. After 20 years in the corporate world from front line to executive roles, I can tell you men are afraid to even comment on a female coworker's attire. Not worth the risk of losing your career over a mis-understanding in which she will most likely prevail.. I used to say "I like that blouse" if it was true and I felt that way at that moment, but now it could be construed to be harrasment. What men do not understand is why many women dress to gather attension, then freak when it is acheived, or silengly cringe when it is ignored. The good nes is many women laugh all this off as crazy, and don;t care . . . the hard part is figuring out who they are! Most interesting to me though, is the crassest, most sexually offensive persons I've met are business women, perhaps bvecause men have had it scared out of them.

    Source(s): 20 years in the corporate world from front line to executive roles
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    I think that this is just how the world works, no matter how many times men thinks that they are superior than women, it wouldn't still change the fact that women are capable of doing such things, I'm sure that men are powerful than women, but that's only in terms of physical means. This article is just an article, and to tell you the truth, it is kind of shocking to learn this kind of fact, but in general, women are still the ones who are taking most of the abuse, not men. I think that men and women are equal, and in the end we're all just human beings, and human beings are all capable of doing such rediculous things, so it would probably wrong to underestimate the capability of both sides.

  • Rick A
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    And why are men the "new silent victims in the sex war?" Because Most men CHOOSE to be GENTLEmen and NOT BE AT WAR with women whom we LOVE !!!

    And Ms. Lessing, believe me, there is nothing "new" about it. But Thank You for so eloquently stating the obvious.

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    Dud, i agree but it's kind of sicko.

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