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getting in the nba?

what are some other ways to enter the nba other than the draft?


why is the draft much more publicized and hyped than these other ways?

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    Popular ways to get into the NBA:

    1) Play overseas for a year or two and try out as a free agent for a NBA team with more experience.

    2) As there are now only two rounds in the NBA draft (I don't know why so few), try out as a free agent.

    3) Play in a minor league like particularly the NBA-D League the NBA's Development league.

    4) Or, after years of officiating amateur basketball and minor league pro basketball or WNBA basketball, become a crooked NBA referee. Connections to the head of the NBA referees are more important than being a good referee to become a NBA referee.

    I think that the draft is so over-hyped because the NBA has reduced under NBA Commissioner David Stern the NBA draft to only 2 rounds. At one time the NBA had a 14 round draft. With only 2 rounds in the present NBA draft and with the lottery system which allows many losing teams a shot at the #1 pick in the first round, this all results in a lot of hype and publicity for the NBA draft as so few players are drafted that it makes the NBA draft that much more important. David Stern likes all the publicity that he and the NBA can get in that order of importance.

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    TBH the NBA Draft is not as hyped as the NFL Draft

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    Your not goin to tha nba dide

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    ur gonna try 2 make the nba??

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    Practice very hard.....I agree play overseas

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    5 years ago

    practice--reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard. ull get there

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