What are some government careers that carry over time for retirement from military?

I am looking to go from being a corpsman in the united states navy into some other government agency that offers 20 year retirements that carrys over from being in the military (in my case 5 years). I want to be a officer so I am trying to get my bachelors soon. I know there are things such as Public Health Service which would be nice cause I would rather not move around every 2 years and still keep the same types of benefits.

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    As I understand it, the pension system for civilian federal employees is different from that of the military so you wouldn't get the credit. I have more experience with county government though and I know it doesn't carry over for that. I have run into a lot of career military guys at the county though who stayed with the military for 20 years, got that pension and then started to work for county government to earn a 2nd pension. I know several guys at the county who are getting ready to retire with TWO pensions. Pretty sweet if you can time it right.

    Public Health Services is a pretty good gig. I'm with my local county Public Health Department and have no plans to leave. Good people doing difficult work.

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  • 3 years ago

    to respond to you question: My sister in-regulation retired two decades energetic air tension and gets $1400 a month. She in no way made $5000 a month and replaced into an E-7. She did take the 15 year $30,000 determination and dropped to 40%, that's what they mean by way of payroll deductions, That and any misplaced time (IE: bing AWOL, going to penal complex, etc. the army is the only branch that doesn't require tests to get promoted, purely boards, E4 to E-5 and E-5 to E-6 are localized (interior your battalion.) you have sufficient factors whilst the numbers come out, you're in. E-7 and up is a DA board the place they examine your finished document in 5 minutes and desire for the applicable.

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