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Alice asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

[英文] 請英文達人幫我修改作文


題目是internet and I

When I refer to internet, what are you think of? Online game, search dada or do homework, actually, I think it seems to everybody can not leave internet gradually, the internet flourishing, it bring many benefits and conveniences to people, nowadays we almost can do everything on internet , obviously, internet becomes basic skill of students, I can’t image without internet.

Everyday the first thing when I get up from bed is open computer and internet access; I do many things on internet, such as: I usually use msn to chat with my friends, it makes me easier contact with my friends even they’re studying at other places, and I also use internet to buy something that can not buy at Taiwan or help my mother to pay bill on internet , excepting this , I usually notice the latest on-line news on internet so that I can updated with what happen in all parts of world at any moments.

From what I have said above, it is clear that internet already entering my life and I think internet link the relation with world, reduce the distance with each other, in conclusion, internet makes us change the way of communication with the world, and cause the world make into a global world.

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    When mentioning the tinternet, what does come up first? Online game, web page search or homework. Actually internet can do so many things that no one can afford of leaving it. Internet has become an indispensible means for us, the web surfing is the basic skill of every student. I can't imagine we can live without internet.

    I wake up is to turn on the computer and click for internet access. I use internet to chat with friends with MSN, which allows me to communicate with friends eleswhere. I buy some items I can not find in Taiwan through international websites. I help my mother pay bills through internet. And the fast updated online news on the internet keep me informed of what's happening no matter where I am.

    As I said, the internet has been essential to my life. It helps me link to entire world and reach to any distant places. Consequently, internet changes the way we communicate and make turn the world into a single commnity.

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