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    Paragraph 1:

    Now studying in Department of Power Mechanical Engineering at National Formosa University.Why do I chose to study here?It was because I have a great interest in all things mechanical.Moreover, machinery covers a wide range of daily life.Therefore,I can learn a lot of precious knowledge from it and widely practice in daily life.

    Because my father is engaged in Car Reparing, I've gained some initial cognition in the aspect of mechine.In addition,My mother devoted herself to the whole family.In my family,I am the eldest among my siblings, besides, there are two sisters and a clumsy dog.

    Paragraph 2:


    It was because this article is the shortest among others, and to the limitation of my poor English ability, so I chose it.


    The reason why I chose this article is because of my poor English ability and it is the shortest one beside others.



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    Now their motivation Howe University of Science and Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering, why do I study here? Because I am very interested in mechanical, and mechanical covers very wide, can learn a lot of valuable knowledge, but also practical applications in daily life.


    As my father engaged in auto repair, so the mechanical aspects from initial awareness; in the home of her mother, I ranked boss at home, there are two sister, and a so I choose this.

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    Study in the motive force department of mechanical engineering of University of Science and Technology of 虎尾<不會拼>now, why will I study in here? Because I am very interested to machinery, and machinery contains very widely, can learn a lot of valuable knowledge, can also in daily life practical application.

    Because father is engaged in car's repairing, there was preliminary cognition to machinery while as a child; Mother is engaged in family's managing, I rank the eldest at home, there are two younger sisters, and a syupid dog.

    (2) Why select this to be smoked and carried again?

    Because this one is the shortest in three articles which teachers selected for us, and my English intensity is not good, so I choose this.

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