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HATS(Harbour Areas Treatment Scheme)A2 program start immediately rather than wait until 2009?Is it too dirty?

It is published in the front page of South China Morning post, Batman beats Joker, but not harbour water. The Dark Knight Hollywood production company found the quality of the water quality is so bad in the Victoria Harbour and decided it's impossible to complete the stunt by jumping into the dirty water of Hong Kong. It happened to another big Hollywood movie of the Batman Begins did drawback and did withdraw the action involved members risky of the Hong Kong harbour water with plenty of salmonella and tuberculosis bacteria. Every one knows Hong Kong is stinky and filthy port. The Harbour Areas Treatment Scheme (HATS) responsible for the Hong Kong Harbour cleaner water programs says that the so called A2 program will take place in 2009. It's proven that the A1 program doesn't become effective. It is the right time to begin the scheduled A2 right now! Why prolong until 2009? Similarly the proposed law of imposing a fine to the idling egines while parking should have stated immediately.


The spokesperson of Hong Kong government admitted that the bad water is affected by the untreated (sewage) discharges from Hong Kong Island. The similar undecided mistake is antoher environment concerned law of imposing a fine to driver with idling engine while parking also prolong to 2009. They should have made the right decisions many years ago! Hong Kong government is just a bunch of money takers, lavishing spenders, but not good decision makers!

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    Agreed, due to the hazardous condition of the harbour, the HATS A2 program should start as soon as possible.

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