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The average person (male or female) speaks 16,000 words per day which is like 15 words per waking minute?

apart from 7 hours of sleep. A study conducted with 400 or so University students, with each student wearing something to record them throughout the day for ten days. DO any of you feel like you talk 16,000 plus words a day or not? Why?


This amount of 16,000 seems an awful lot to me, but I'm a concise and thoughtful person whereas a lot of people I meet tend to be redundant or point out negligible things.

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    Well the key word there is average. Some people are much higher and some people are much lower. I do not say more than 16,000 words a day because I'm a listener. =P

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    probably.....you have to think about when youre doing stuff like driving cause youre most likely singing along with the radio so thats gonna be A LOT of words in just a few minutes, and that prolly balances out for those hours when youre just vegging watching tv or something

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    how is that a reliable study when it's on college students , who are in class for large periods of time listening to lectures.

  • mel s
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    I do on the days when I volunteer at my daughters school (tutoring), but not on the other days.

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    you should see italians they cant stop talking... i know i am one!

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