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What's hormone replacement therapy?

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    Hormone replacement therapy is medication containing one or more female hormones, commonly estrogen plus progestin (synthetic progesterone). Some women receive estrogen-only therapy (usually women who have had their uterus removed).

    HRT is most often used to treat symptoms of menopause such as "hot flashes," vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep disorders, and decreased sexual desire. This medication may be taken in the form of a pill, a patch, or vaginal cream.

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    when a patient is given hormones in pill form to replace the ones their body is no longer producing enough of or not producing at all. This can be caused by menopause, malfunctioning hormone producing glands, or removal of the ovaries.

  • Mainly used by women in the past, this therapy is often used to replace hormones lost by aging or through pregnacy or menopause.

    At first, HRT had promises of staving off one of the most dangerous degenerative diseases common in women after menopause---osteoporosis.

    Of course......

    There are bad raps about HRT. One of them is that it could increase the risk of breast cancer.

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    Great comment on female HRT.

    HRT is also more common in men. But rather than treating symptoms of menopause - men don't have one, it is often used to supplement the natural deline in production with age.

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