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Obama the Leader??

Ok, I am so confused. I am an independent that seems to follow the democrats lately. I am very discouraged in the candidates we have to follow or the ones that are leading in the polls... the last debate brought Joe Biden to my attention and I liked what I saw and heard from him.

My question is this.... I don't seem to be swept away like so many other people for Barack Obama. I hear all the time "I love the way he leads" " We need someone like him to lead" What are they basing this on? I cannot think of one thing that I have heard him lead on (anymore then any of the other candidates) and didn't know if you all can fill this in for me.

To me, we have already hired someone two times that wasn't from Washington and someone that was considered new and fresh to politics when he was first elected.... that person was George Bush and that didn't turn out too well. So why should we be looking for new and fresh again?


From the few I have read below, some are not clear on the answer but a few seem that the things he stands for are similar to a few people who do have experience so shouldn't we get the ones that argree with him but with the experience?

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    Agreed, I have no idea what his appeal is, the last thing we need is another empty promise making politician who determines his policies based on what lobbyists tell him..

    The two candidates, I have felt that have taken the strongest stances on tough issues are Ron Paul and Joseph Biden..

    As for Obama he is mostly hype with no substance. Much of what he advocates conflicts with his voting record. He cannot promise to withdraw the troops out by 2013, possibly later and has yet to present a proper exit strategy. He voted in favor of the Patriot Act.. which is a direct infringement on our rights. While I respect the fact that he spoke out against the war before he came into office, he later told the NY Times, had he been in the Senate he may have voted differently. And what about the economy, taxes, social security, not to mention a presidency with him may lead us into another war with Iran or Pakistan, one which he commented he would invade without the consent of the government, and the other where he missed the vote, and never spoke out against and attempted to sponsor a legislation in favor of designating the Iranian National Guard a terrorist organization (he also stated he wouldn't rule out strikes against them) .. And what about his votes making it harder for average citizens to sue big corporations?

    not to mention he constantly lies about not being in the pockets of corporations, interest groups and lobbyists, when he CLEARLY is..

    "Obama's reliance on such deep-pockets supporters helps explain why he voted for a business-driven "tort reform" bill that rolled back working peoples' ability to obtain reasonable redress and compensation from misbehaving corporations. It is certainly part of why he opposed an amendment to the Bankruptcy Act that would have capped credit card interest rates at 30 percent. It is undoubtedly related to his vote against a bill that would have killed an amendment to the 2005 energy bill that Taxpayers for Common Sense and Citizens Against Government Waste called "one of the worst provisions in this massive piece of legislation." Under the amendment, which passed with Obama's help, U.S. taxpayers are providing millions of dollars in loan guarantees to power plant operators. They "risk losing billions of dollars if the companies default," as Ken Silverstein wrote in the November, 2006 issue of Harper's Magazine ("Barack Obama Inc.: The Birth of a Washington Machine").

    "Reliance on corporate cash and power is also likely related to Obama's opposition to the introduction of single-payer national health insurance on the curious grounds that such a welcome social-democratic change would lead to employment difficulties for workers in the private insurance industry and that "voluntary" solutions are "more consonant" with "the American character" than "government mandates." The latter judgment is advanced despite the fact that a large U.S. majority supports government-mandated universal health insurance. "

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    Full disclosure: I'm a Republican backing Fred Thompson ( ).

    Obama is very telegenic, very charismatic, and very "fresh." He hasn't been around for a long time like Hillary.

    Joe Biden and Bill Richardson are probably the best candidates for America out of the Democratic party.

    Richardson is effective and has done well as governor of New Mexico. He doesn't have the cash though so he isn't really moving.

    A lot of people like Obama because he'll bring out the liberal base and possibly bring over some independents and Republicans who are more into the charisma of a political leader than what the leader really believes in.

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    You really need to be picky and not persuaded by anyone candidate. Voting is a person decision and people should not be pressured into voting as Union workers are.

    If I were you I would seriously pick each candidate apart and use your gut instinct! If you do not like just 1 little thing DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM! Think of it as you are choosing a babysitter for your children.

    This is my personal decision: Obama will NOT put a flag pin on his lapel, That for me is a BIG RED FLAG! He is running for President and doing so is representing this Country. Wearing it shows your support for this country and you are being patriotic. If he has a problem with that then he should not be running. Not only that but he refused to put him hand over his heart recently for the Star Spangle Banner.

    Mrs. Clinton well, there use to be a time in History when children growing up would say "I want to be President of the United States of America when I grow up!" I guess when (IF) Mrs. Clinton get elected we can Thank her for our little girls getting cheek implants! (what is she telling our Children)

    Not to mention she supports the UN which is trying to brain wash our society in believing there's a separation of Church and State and by the way there IS NO SUCH LAW!

    I am not just picking on the Democrats , these are JUST Examples!

    I am just saying pick every one a part, make a list and choose the least amount of con's!

    Its your choice, Use your best judgement and DO NOT TELL ANYONE!

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    I've been following the democrats very closely for the last year or so, and I'm also an independent. This is why I like Obama.

    First, I think you should read his book. What I appreciate from him is honesty. He does what he says, and he hasn't lied, that I've seen. He has stood up for veteran's benefits, he has stood up against the Iraq and possible Iran war, and I got the chance to meet him a couple months ago. Looking him in the eyes and speaking to him, I felt he really cared for me, which is what I've always felt. My husband is a soldier, and also got a minute with Senator Obama... we were very impressed.

    I recommend both reading his book, and taking a look at his website, before you discount him. He is highly intelligent, very good-hearted, and the first politician I can believe in. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's so difficult to list all the things I'm pleased with him for! His stance on education as the core of America, his hopes for healthcare, his stance on foreign policy, and his genuine hope that he will have the chance to level with us about our government... I have to say, just do more research.

    However, no matter what you do, vote in the primaries! It sounds like you will. :) Let's hear it for no more lesser-of-two-evils choices.

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    He says what he thinks his audience wants to hear. He says he is for improving life for low and middle income families. But he voted to give SS benefits to illegals while serving in Illinois even tho they had never paid into the system. He co-sponsored an amendment to the Amnesty bill that said employers would not have to check legal status of present employees only new ones. He voted for the Amnesty bill. He also voted for the Dream Act. How does this help middle and low income families when he wants to give illegals a free ride? Just one example of how he says one thing and does another.

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    Baracka Hussein Obama,Jr. is a fraud, a closet Muslim, whose rhetoric contradicts his actions. His rejection of the American flag and his refusal to show respect for the flag during the playing of our national anthem, should awaken all American citizens about his disloyalty and contempt for our country. He has lied about his faith, claiming that he is a Christian, but refusing to talk about his abondonment of the Muslim faith, which makes him an apostate, and the penalty for this act under Sharia (Muslim religious law) is death. Hussein Obama's illegal dealings in real estate with the wife of Tony Rezko, is never mentioned by the leftist media, Chicago Sun Times excepted. Hussein Obama is too naive, inexperienced, and unfit to even be close to the oval office, definitely dangerous to our culture and country, and should drop out of the race.

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    That's all they need is a mindless twit running the EU. Maybe this will be the first time in Michele Osama's adult life she'd be proud to be a member of the human race.

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    Barack Obama has been a vocal leader against the war

    in Iraq .He has also been a leader in regards to

    sponsoring legislation which would reward each company

    that makes ,at least ,90% of its products in the United States .

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    The best way to lead is by example. Check out the web site:

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    He says something different every time he speaks. The man is a two faced crook.

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