I can't remember the name of this book or the author of it, any help?

It's about a girl who's psychic and she has 2-3 siblings and her sister wants to be a ballerina, i read part of it when i was 10 or so and always wanted to read the rest but can't remember it. I remember she got in trouble at school for writing down the test answers before the questions were asked, and there was a part where she was looking at a photo of her grandmother and it started talking to her or something.... in the beginning they had just moved into a new town, and i think some people at school found out about her gift. Also her siblings weren't particularly amazed by her gift, they said she used it to cheat at playing cards or something. that's all i remember. Can anyone help me out here?

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    This sounds like the book "A Gift of Magic" by Lois Duncan. When Nancy's grandmother dies she leaves each of her grandchildren a gift: To Kirby, the eldest daughter, she leaves the gift of dance. To Brendon she leaves the gift of music. And to Nancy she leaves the gift of magic. I seem to remember Kirby studying to be a ballet dancer, and Nancy getting into trouble at school because of her psychic abilities.

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    I don't know the book you are looking for, but you should try this site: http://forums.abebooks.com/abesleuthcom

    It is the BookSleuth section of abebooks.com. I posted very little information I remembered about a book I was looking for and someone had an answer for me within a couple of days.

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    Bookworm's answer sounds right to me, "A Gift of Magic" by Lois Duncan. If you liked this one, be sure to check out her other books, she's a great author.

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