any good tips?!?

any good study tips?! i need to pass my exams in February and i've always had a problem with studying !! i need some help i never really learned how to study incase this helps im Studying politics and stuf Security all that.... please help! any help will be great thank you!! i need help remembering and learning what i read if that makes sense lol.....

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    dont study all at once. study a little every d.ay

    use index cards, they really help, you can write as big as you want on them make them colorful. write the question on the front and the answer on the back.

    use tricks to remember the material. Acronyms and such.

    And if you find that you remember things better by listening then by looking than try to record yourself reading the material and listen to it a few times over during the day.

    Source(s): personal experience mostly
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    1 decade ago

    My only tip is dont just study all at one time do a little bit here and a little bit there so u dont get so bored so easily but then go over the same stuff more than once hope this helps

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    1 decade ago

    What I always do is make notes then create my own worksheets. (fill in the blanks)

    For example, Physics, the notes would be

    • Friction

    o A force that appears when 2 things rub against each other

    o Opposes motion

    o High when surfaces are dry, rough

    o Low when surfaces are wet, smooth

    And the worksheet would be

    • Friction

    o A _______ that appears when 2 things _________________________

    o __________ motion

    o ______ when surfaces are ____, ______

    o ______ when surfaces are ____, ______

    Pick out key words to fill in. This way it lets you test yourself and also forces you to remember. If you get it right, good, if you keep getting it wrong, well at least for me, if it comes out in the test I'll say "Hey I kept getting this wrong!" And I'll remember the right answer. :)

    Try it, it works well for me!

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