Transport From Birmingham Inter Airport To New Street Railway Station?

Can someone advise of what transport there is from Birmingham International Airport (UK) to New Strret Railway Station?

I have heard that Maglev do this sort of short journey?

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    1 decade ago
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    Birmingham International Airport shares the same site as the National Exhibition Centre. The whole site has its own railway station - Birmingham International.

    Trains leave here at very frequent intervals to Birmingham New Street station,

    There used to be an elevated maglev link between the Airport terminal and the Exhibition Centre, but I believe it is now closed. (I travelled on the link for curiousity sake some years ago - quite an experience!)

    Maglev is being proposed for a new high-speed link between Glasgow and Edinburgh

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  • 1 decade ago

    You will take a short shuttle from the Bham airport to Bham airport train station, then you take a train from bham airport train station to Bham new Street. I remember it was 2 quid single but that was couple of years ago.

    I dont recall any maglev in airport.

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