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Whats a good, free, video editor? See details?

All I can think of at the moment that I will need are

1. Audio editing (adding in music/sound, some effects like fading, good control over syncing it with the video...)

2. The ability to add other clips to the video (from a screen recording program usually)

3. Plenty of video editing options

4. Multiple file format support would be nice, but not necessary.

Thanks everyone


Windows Movie Maker seems like it might work... anyone got feedback on it?

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    See the list of free video editors

  • douse
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    Oh, chum, i do no longer understand a unfastened video editor can greater healthful your call for. yet as i understand, WMM only helps some particular mp4 video report, no longer all, WMM helps wmv properly, so i think of, you ought to use a solid converter to transform mp4 to wmv, then you definitely can import the switched over wmv to WMM, and edit it. i'm making use of RZ Video Converter that can convert any video clips or audios between distinctive formats with solid high quality, at the same time with convert mp4 to wmv, etc. attempt it via your self. Yahoo or google seek and acquire rz video converter. wish it may assist you.

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    Maybe you can try webvideo author, which used to edit the video by clips, you can edit, crop, resize and enhance the video with many special effects, at last publish to Flash video.

    learn more from:

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