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I just bought a Sennheiser PX200 headphone for my iPod nano (2nd generation). Have I done the right thing?

I just (about an hour ago) bought a pair over the internet because wherever I look on the internet (especially at CNET), people can't seem to praise the PX200 enough.

I'm gonna use it on my iPod nano and I'm sick of wearing in-ear Sonys that just doesn't do my music library any justice.

Here are the 3 things I am looking for in a headphone...

1. Volume - It's gotta be loud! Don't lecture me about hearing loss, I enjoy my HipHop and Heavy Metal ear-drum ringing LOUD!

2. Bass - Hey, what's Common, Mos Def, Ghostface Killah or Nas track without pounding bass?

3. Design - This one I can judge by looking at the Sennheiser website pictures.

So keeping in mind the first two criteria points, have I made a great investment in the PX200, or will I be disappointed?

I was consdering the AKG K414 and Audio Technica SJ3, but the "Senns" I bought were so highly regarded in numerous sites.

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    Don't have yet what you're talkin about. But if you already ordered, then I hope it is delivered to you and meets your expectations. Like you, I want volume in sounds.

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    u have your criteria. if its giving you the satisfaction, then it's you who can tell if youve done the right thing. but im sure youre enjoying that.

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