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小天使 asked in 科學其他:科學 · 1 decade ago

[求助]我有三段文章需翻譯英文 請緊急協助 很趕 拜託

非常高興與您見面,誠摯歡迎您光臨台灣,我因為英文能力不佳。基本上純鎳的添加考慮到脫C, S ,P 的問題,若只是在轉爐(MRP)的添加基本上微量元素規格值會比較寬鬆,因為轉爐站(類似粗煉)脫C 、S 、P、比較容易,但VOD製程基本上無法再脫P,但C,S可以,但效果不佳。因VOD爐後即要到CC(澆鑄),所以對原料成份非常要求,且當成分超規時通常已無法補救就算有也只能微調C S 像P就無法處理。鈷、銅、有含量限制、是因為每一個鋼種都有其規範、所以還是要依據使用單位之確認。我之前是從事原物料化學分析工作使用所以一般而言鋼廠有些使用AA有些使用ICP分析再搭配碳硫氮氧分析儀。



讓自然光中的亂反射的光線﹑眩光及物體反射光,能有效的阻絕掉,偏光板的內部 結構於 1c㎡裏面就有30萬條肉眼看不到的直線分子排列體,並排列於同一個方向, 讓光線偏極化取得柔和光線,利用偏光板的來看物體會更清晰鮮明,反之當太陽光 接觸到水面﹑地面﹑平面反射時,因直線震動的偏光光線的關係所以難看清物體, 利用偏光板過濾直線震動的光源特性,並利用分子排列的水平線,重新調整吸收光 線的方向,來消除乾澀﹑不清楚及刺眼的光線。偏光板為LCD顯示明暗之主要關鍵材料

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    Very happy meet with you, welcome you to Taiwan sincerely, I because English ability is poor.The basically pure Nie increases to consider to take off C, S, P problem, if just is turning a stove(MRP) to increase basically and little by little an element specification value will compare to loosen, because of turning a heat of station(similar thick Lian) to take off C, S, P and more easy, but the VOD manufacturing process can't take off again P basically, but C, S can, but ineffective.The VOD stove wants CC(sprinkle Zhu) namely behind, so request very much to the raw material ingredient, and when the composition super rules usually have already can't rectified to on the whole also canned only be tiny to adjust C S to be like P can't handle.Cobalt, copper, have content restriction, is because of each steel to grow to all have it the standard, so still keep wanting a basis usage the confirmation of the unit.I before is work on original material chemistry analysis a work usage so generally speaking steel factory there is some usage ICPs in some usage AAs the analysis matches again the carbon sulphur nitrogen oxygen analysis instrument.

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    In regard to the ware of Peng element, the borax, boric acid is a necessary raw material.Because the Peng element ware has heat-proof, bear a medicine, difficult Ran, disinfect, strong dissolve eclipse and promote the

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    crops grow and have neutral numerator to cover sex etc. excellent chemistry characteristic, so get to space from the usual articles, atomic industry etc.s all use to get.

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    Be partial to the light plank principle:

    Let natural light in of in disorder reflect of ray, dizzled light and object reflect light, can obstruct effectively, being partial to light the knothole

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    internal structure has the straight line numerator that 300,000 naked eyes could not see the alignment body in 1 c the inside of the ㎡ , being

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    alongside of to list the same of direction, let the ray be partial to very turn to obtain soft ray, make use of to be partial to light knothole to see object

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