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幫忙翻譯翻譯 非常急!!今天需要用到 謝謝

幫忙翻譯For instance, you shall be well qualified to what you are working at, and you should be able to balance with those who came with you in the same year or even later and were with high degrees and good background but now they have differed in position, payment and other treatments as well. That is a very exigent task for almost every one of us.

Surely, the fact is that we are English oriented now and we are working to keep up with times. I believe after years of running in studying English, We would eventually be one of the best order-made qualified candidates for any challenges and better opportunities. If the various knowledge and English are with us, nothing can be against us.

Nevertheless, be sure to remember don’t be always content with any historical achievements you have made and don’t forget to review periodically and to study English continuously more in depth and width with a plan of when and where needed, as every body is running like you. Don’t give up and relax by far when you encounter difficulties. A daily but continuous effort you are making today will bring what you expected when you decided on and it will do. That's all. Thank you all for you’re listening to my views, and have a nice day!”


對了 不要翻譯網頁的喔!




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