list of name coperation in united states?

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  • Tim F
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    1 decade ago
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    Based upon your other question, we believe that you are asking 'how can I find a list of corporations in the United States?'

    Almost all corporations in the US are incorporated under the laws of individual states. Therefore, to find a list of all corporations, you would need to combine 50 different lists -- one per US state -- which would equal many millions of corporations.

    If you are interested in forming a new corporation, or if you are trying to find information about a particular corporation, then start with an individual state. Since it appears that you may be in Japan, you may want to start with California. We have included a cite below to the cite where you can check on the name of a corporation and an LLC (limited liability company) which, in California, is similar to a corporation.

    Please re-post with additional facts, if you would like additional information.

    Hope this helps.

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