Is it illegal to find out a persons yahoo password, and use it to get into their MySpace account?

Is figuring out another persons yahoo, or any email account password, by figuring out a persons information to obtain your "forgotten password" illegal? And using that information to request that persons My Space password illegal? What if they use personal emails found against you?

Also, is it illegal if they just know your email password and use that information to obtain your MySpace password?


I'm NOT about to hack anyone. Someone did that to a friend of mine. Trying to obtain information to use against her in a custody battle.

He found someone about her leaving her baby with a babysitter so she could go out for once, and she drank a little. So the guy is trying to use that against her.

Update 2:

something* about her. lol

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    What you are talking about, no matter the circumstances, our legal system will rightfully call it a direct invasion of privacy, and therefore denying 'her' her Constitutional right of privacy.

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    I do not think its illegal just unfortunate. If the person has been tampering with your personal things i guess you have to look at that persons relation to you and the access they have to your belongings. Since keeping your password safe is your responsibility then i suggest you change them all request a new email account and notify all emai senders of the change. Especially if you get important email in that account. You might also want to get your computer looked at for key loggers or spyware installed on it. Even if you change all that a simple hidden key logger will totally negate all the work you have done.

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    It's quite simple really. Log-in to your myspace on the account that your ex-boyfriend made you. You will be taken to your homepage. Under the Hello!, Whateveryournameis, there is a blue link that leads you to account settings- you can change the contact address to your own email. This might be sent to his email, but then you just change the password with your new email log-in and he won't be able to log in ever again! Note that it is imperative that you first change the email and THEN the password. Good luck!

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    This is hardly the kind of stuff lawmakers waste their precious time on.

    Anybody can sue anybody for anything. I'll take a wild guess that your most valuable asset is an antique computer. Lawyers usually charge about $200 an hour unless you're lucky enough to live in a foreign country where they only charge you in foreign money.

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    Yeah, pretty much all of that is illegal. It's called "hacking". Depends on what you do with it whether or not it's a felony, though. I think.

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    i dont know the legal issues but morally its the wrong thing to do. its called hacking into someones account and im sure if you get caught you can be in a lot of trouble.

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    hmm...sounds like that's some form of fraud--especially if you use that password to obtain information that isn't yours; fraud is illegal.

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    Yes it is! The first and last questions are answered with "Yes it is!" This is called cracking. It is a computer crime.

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    Don't know if it's illegal but it's definently creepy!

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    like the saying goes " you'll find out if it's illegal when they close the door to your cell" until then..................

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