WHAT IS Algorithms and Data Structures?

plese Intuition Algorithms and Data Structures

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    An algorithm in computer science is a set method for solving certain types of problems. Take the sort for example. There is the Bubble Sort, Heap Sort, Selection Sort, etc. Some faster than others.

    A data structure is a manner in which data is organized on a machine. This usually refers to linked lists, binary trees, arrays, stacks, queues, etc. In a linked list for example, one data items points to the next data item and so on.

  • Newman
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    An Algorithm is a process or set of rules used for calculation or problem-solving, especially with a computer.

    Think of it as like a recipe to make a fine meal in the kitchen.

    A data structure is a way of storing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently and productively.

    Think of it as like storing food and drinks in containers, kitchen cupboards, refridgerators and warehouses.

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    Just a bit of trivia for you. Back in the 90's when certain people thought the Clinton administration was hacking their computers.....these people thought an algorithm was a message trying to say Al Gore itshim. That is well documented by certain people living in that time. Those people are now more mature, but they won't live it down. They thought Clinton was trying to pass it off on Al Gore. This is no joking. Some people actually thought that.

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    Intuition? You looking for a defination?

    Algorithims are complicated mathmatical equations that hide information from a viewer. Unless you know the corect algorithm you can't see what's in the code. If you encrypt, or decrypt a file, you're using algorithms to do it.

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