Why have I had a headache all day???

k, I woke up with a terribly headache at 4:30am and I couldn't go back to sleep and so I lay in bed til 6 then I got up and got dressed. Got to school, went to all the classes and but I still had a fricken headache ALL DAY!!!!! I was going to go to the nurse to get Tyleonol but the nurse was gone all day cuz a teacher at the high schoold died (we don't have school on Monday) and she was helping the hs students cope and stuff so I couldn't get a Tylenol. We don't have anything to take here at home and yeah it sucks......what should I do???? It is a LITTLE better than it was. What do you do when you get a headache?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ive had a headache for 12 days straight... you could have a migraine...

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  • 1 decade ago

    i get headachs every day so i might know

    usally its alot of noise,heat,hitting somthing on your head if this dosn'nt answer it then i dont know it

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    1 decade ago

    Thanks God for not getting meds and have a chance of Alternatives.

    Keep your hand on table.

    Pl take a round tail pen or small shaft in your working hand.

    Search a painful point 3 - 6 mm behind nail of any finger but thumb will be good.

    If it is forehead pain the point will be in front of the nails around finger tips.

    Press the painful point for 2 seconds and release. Repeat 3 times. Headache will disappear within 30 seconds.

    There is no medicine for H/A OR MIGRAINE. Not only these but for almost all painful diseases like RA, Back ache, earache etc. Hence they become chronic.

    Acidity, WORRY, sadness, excessive wind, cold , heat, sour food and sinusitis, constipation, intestinal inflammation; drug side effects, stress, bad smell, TV & COMPUTER SOMETIMES,

    Blockage in the flow of Vital Energy are their causes. None of them can be treated with medicine. Our 100% success in treating migraine &H/A confirms it.

    Acupuncture is the best treatment.

    I can treat it with naturopathy and YOG, but how can you manage pl see.

    Pain killers don't treat the pain but we loose the sense of pain for some time; in that duration our body itself treats sometime and credit goes to meds.

    These useless drugs have enormous power to create hazardous side effects like liver/kidney failure, ulcer, acidity and lot others.

    Avoid late sleeping if possible; worry, spicy foods, sour fruits, stale bakery foods and alcohole.

    Sweet foods, COCOANUT WATER,sweet fruits, milk, rice, SPROUTS, SALADS and good sleep will help you if cough is not there.



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  • 1 decade ago

    blood pressure?

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