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Proctor and Gamble is this a good investment?

I need opinions and experience with tis company

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    It's a strong company that isn't going to go anywhere (meaning it won't disappear). It pays a steady dividend. Its the type of company that will probably give you a decent return on your money without a great deal of risk.

    You seem to be asking a lot about specific stocks. Have you thought about index mutual funds? They give you instant diversity and have low expense ratios when compared to regular mutual funds. Basically they mirror a specific fund (S&P500, DOW, etc). Vanguard and Fidelity have some good low cost ones (low expense ratio).

    The reason I suggest and like index funds is that they give you diversity to hedge against a drop in the stock market rather than putting all your money in one stock and hoping it goes up and not down.

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    PG is a great company. It's one of the best companies to invest in the nation, if not in the world. Do you realize how many products in you home have or are affiliated with PG? Old Spice, Tide, Pringles, Tampax, Olay, Millstone, Joy, Ivory soap...the list goes on. PG products are all over the world.

    It's also a great ressesion proof stock, meaning that during the down times of the company, this is a type of company that won't go under the water.

    This stock is a good company to have in your portfolio. It will always be there and it always stay strong.

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    Not only has this company made money over the years, it has made enough money to be able to increase their dividend each and every year for the past 51 years. Not many companies have done that.

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    It's an old company and likely to be around for a long time. Check the chart going back five years and see how it performed.

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