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If the holocaust makes Jews and Judaosm exempt from any criticism?

Why doesnt this apply to other peoples who have suffered (as every nation and religion on earth has). The gypsies suffered a higher rate of death in WWII than the Jews yet are still not exempt from criticism - why the different standards?


Its illegal to challenge the Jewish holocaust in Europe - but not other holocausts - why?

There are hundreds of holocaust musuems in the US but none comemorating the holocauts of US Blacks and Indians why?

Update 2:

paperback your comment was hilarious and illustarted my point - you condemn criticism of Jewish people while critising and generalizing about a group of non-Jews - thats typical of the Jewish double standard!!!

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    The term holocaust was coined to refer to the genocide attempt to the Jewish people.

    Yes, there have been other genocide attempts and unfortunately, there is still desire by some nations to commit genocide today. Genocide is the ultimate evil one group can try to commit to another. Genocide should never happen. The cry of the Jews to the world" NEVER AGAIN!" is not exclusive to the Jews. This is why the small percentage of Jews in the US has been the loudest voice speaking out the longest against the genocide going on in Darfur.


    Not all wars or conflicts are attempts at genocide. The slavery and persecution of blacks in the United States was not an attempt at genocide. They didn't want to kill them all off, they wanted them as slaves, then when they were freed, many still wanted them as indentured servants. The persecution and lynchings were done to keep the "black man in his place" as subservient..they did not try to wipe out the black people.

    It can be argued, however, that the policies toward the Native American Indian were INDEED directed to eliminate the Indian, either by "civilizing" him and making him adopt to the white man's ways or if he refused, by starving or killing him. That is a closer comparison to genocide. NOW having said all that about the past and what genocide is and why the holocaust refers to only ONE particular genocide the most important problem with your question will be addressed next.

    Your question is nothing more than a strawman fallacy. You assign as if a statement of fact, a position that Jews are exempt from criticism because of the holocaust.. (a position that is a fallacy), and then go on to explain why that position is WRONG. The straw man you set up is so easy for you to knock down.

    Now, if your original premise had any validity, then you could proceed with trying to prove how unfair it would be. However, what you use as your evidence to support your statement is that some countries have made it illegal to deny the holocaust happened. That is not making it illegal to criticize Jews. You haven't said anything to support your claim. Your claim is bogus so complaining about a different standard reads more like a bigoted whine rather than any question.

    You're obviously not very good at this debate you've attempted, anyway. Your question isn't a genuine question according to community guidelines. This is not a forum to try to debate, especially using fallacious debate techniques.

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    I can only assume you are delusional.

    You only have to look at this site for a few hours and you will see criticism after criticism of both Israel and the Jewish people. The Holocaust has not made us in any way 'exempt' from either criticism nor racism. It should, though, make any decent person ashamed of being racist - but it doesn't.

    You clearly don't know anything about being Jewish. I do. Please research your 'facts' better before posting anything further on this topic, because trust me, you are embarrassing yourself.

    Oh, and you might like to note, it's not Jews who protest and hold rallies and burn flags and issue death threats when someone produces a few cartoons about their religion!

    edit, you have totally misread and misunderstood my comment. I was responding to your remarks about Jews being 'exempt' from criticism. I merely pointed out that it isn't the Jewish people who react badly to criticism. Other religions, Muslims included, react very badly; this is fact, not subjective opinion.

    And why would you want to criticise Jewish people anyway? Or any other religion? What have any of us ever done to you?!

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    Not you again! Okay...there were 200,000 gypsies who died during WW2. They were either murdered in concentration camps or starved to death or died of diseases in the camps. There were 6,000,000 Jews who were murdered in the camps! Not 2,000,000! Not 4,000,000! It was 6,000,000 Jews and we know this because the Nazis kept meticulous records. They were very efficient, you know. Why do you supposed they tattooed every person who entered a camp with a NUMBER! That was so that they could keep records of everyone that was brought there. Blacks in the U.S., although they went through so much pain and torture from their owners and died in great numbers in the ships that brought them over here, were not brought here to die! They were not systematically rounded up and brought to camps and then systematically murdered. And American Indians (Native American is not the preferred term by American Indians; I know because I have an American Indian foster child), although they were forced to leave their lands and forced to march hundreds of miles to places where it was nearly impossible for them to make a go of it, were not systematically rounded up and murdered! You, sir, are a cold-hearted, mean, spiteful little person!

    And if that person above me is really A True Christian, then I don't know what to say....I always thought Catholics were people can't even get along with each other.

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    Jew are exempt from criticism, they get it all the time, people are constantly making jokes about jews. and I have never once heard any Jew complaining about it. But i have heard a lot of cases about Black or Hispanic people claiming racism over certain jokes or other comments technically protected under the constitution! I think just because gypsies sufferered a higher death rate, it shouldnt de-value the hell that the Jews went through.

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    Hitler made Jews main targets of persecution supported by Christian dogma, which for centuries singled out Jews as "the killers of Christ" and that teaching was drilled in the heads of millions therefore preparing the soil for the most extreme form of antisemitism in Germany.

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    What in the world makes you think Jews and Judaism are exempt from any criticism?

    Actually yes, there are many museums commemorating the slaves and the Native Americans. Evidently you haven't traveled much.

    Source(s): I'm Jewish
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    By the way, there are museums in the US dedicated to the plight of blacks and of Indians.

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    it doesn't, but jerk offs like you will disguise hatred for jews, blacks, gays, porcupines, women, etc. in the guise of critisism.

    I **** on all of the above (except of course the porcupines, they are beyond reproach) all the time, but I have no malice behind it and am looking for laughs not to make koontah kinte say "toby".

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    If you are under the impression that Jews aren't ever criticized, all I can say is that you aren't paying very close attention.

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    Good question! I don't know. Did you know that millions of my Christian forebears were mercilessly tortured, imprisoned, and martyred for the last 200 years, sometimes at the hand of the government and sometimes by the Catholics, and it is still okay to rag on us? Weird. I don't know why the Jews are exempt. I don't think people should rag on anyone.

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