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Why did the Genie garage door opener decide I was an alcoholic?

So I was getting ready to install the new garage door opener, and I opened the box and pulled out the instructions. The first thing it said was "You need a screwdriver", and I thought , well, yeah, probably if I am going to do all this work, so I went in and fixed myself a screwdriver. I went back out to the garage and looked at the instructions again, and it said "You need a screwdriver", so , hey, why not. I had another screwdriver, but after the fourth or fifth time of reading these instructions, I didn't want to put in that dang garage door opener anymore. Now , what I want to know is this. Why do they make instructions like that? I remember that trick Proctor and Gamble played on me with "Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat" dangit, I was in the shower for three days. What do you think?

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    What I think is; you deserve 10 points. Thank you for the chuckle. I did have a similar experience. BTW; Alcoholism is a state of mind. Those that mind don't matter. Those that matter don't mind.

    I pulled into a parking lot one day. At the entry was a sign stating "Ample Parking". I drove up and down every level for hours looking for an "Ample" in one of the spaces.

    There is another I question constantly.

    "Stop A head" Whadda suppose is meant by that?

    I do have a more valid suggestion. "PUT a Little Capt. in you."

    I was on a Safari tour long ago in Kruger National Park. They had signs everywhere stating; "Don't feed the Wildlife"

    I wondered about that given that some of the wildlife could have easily broken into the open air tram, and fed on me.

    Other than that; forget opening the garage door, Open another bottle of Stoli. Cheers. You only need 600 MG of Vit. "C" a day; so ya might wanna cut back on the OJ.

    Again; Thank you. :)

    ADD ON...Thanks to all. What a great Happy hour. 10 to everyone

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    The bulb might be bad but since it probably was not lit when the power outage/surge the defect might be on the circuit board. If just the solder trace is gone it might be repairable but newer openers time the light electronically. Perhaps the light was out before the storm. Bulb sockets on Chamberlain openers fail all the time. Try unplugging the opener and clean the metal contacts inside the socket. Without knowing the make, model, and age I cannot go much further. Email me if you want.

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    That is hilarious! My daughter asked Me what I was laughing about while im sitting here at the computer wondering why my Garage door wont open. I went from pissed off to laughing! Thank you!

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    I remember when the Three Stooges saw a sign that said "Fine For Hunting" and went to get their guns.

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    Did you know that Genie Garage Door Opener company is owned by MADD(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)?

    Oh, the irony!

    Source(s): This ironic answer has been brought to you courtesy of Jack
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    I bought a garage door opener just to have an excuse to drink... I don't even have a garage....

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    Reminds me of the sign I saw at a dry cleaners the other day that read:

    "Drop your pants here and receive prompt attention!"

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    no it just said you needed a screwdriver, it made you think you needed them so you gave in and did it. That's how pimps do they get in your head and convince u do do stuff. I'd say you got pimped by the Genie company.

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    I can't help you, I never read the instructions

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    Well you can thank God they didn't want you to use the "tools supplied" to tighten your nuts.... Those Swedes from Ikea must be into some serious S&M. I've still got the bruising to prove it.

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