Does the majority of the funding for the FDA come from other federal agencies or the industry?

I've researched and found that in 1992 the FDA has incorporated "user fees" into it's budget. Does the majority of the FDA's funding come from user fees or from the government?

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    The FDA is a very powerful government agency , there is no telling where they get all the funding ...If you do not believe they have power , advertise you have a pill that is non prescription and cures something ...they will bust down your door and take everything , and they will come in loaded to the hilt with automatic weapons ....FDA even regulates the Medical Industry , they made it law , that the only way to diagnose or treat a disease is with prescription medication

    Why do you think everything is a disease now ....I mean restless leg syndrome , can't get it up , come on , you do not need a pill to force yourself in the mood to someone who no longer turns you on .....The FDA regulates and tells people what is good for them , and what is not good for them , and people fall for it ....In the 90's it was diet foods are better for you , America consumed more diet food during that time than rest of the world combined , what happened , we got fat , now being fat is a disease , so they say we need a pill ...wonderful , ......they just keep saying this ...OK now you need to eat this , and take a pill for the effects of eating what we told you to eat first .....the FDA is a money machine ....If you develop a supplement for over the counter sales you have to pay 3 million dollars to the FDA for a license to manufacture a non prescription drug ..........Isn't that something .....the biggest puzzle is the fact that many of Americans do not trust government ...Yet the FDA is Government , and they do what the FDA says to do ....I can not figure that one out ......after all when has any government agency been there for the people , most of those agencies have a ton of red tape to get through for the help ...the FDA does not have any , nothing to prove their word of what is said , except press releases , we know how rekliable the press is right .......they say get it , we get it questions asked , ..Let the IRS try that , there will be millions of questions as to why we should do as they say ....

    Do not think there only job is making sure our food , and drugs are safe ...if that was there job , why all the recalls , and lawsuits over bad drugs ....

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    I saw a documentary once about the FDA and this is a basic synopsis of the content as I remember it.

    My understanding the FDA is mostly funded by the government with user fees used to add staff and improved processing.

    Prior to 1992 the FDA had limited resources and persons available to process, review, and rule on pharmaceuticals. The process was free to the applicant (pharmaceutical companies), but they were subject to whatever back-log there was with some applications taking 2 or more years to review. No additional federal funding was being approved and in some areas were being decreased. In order to add more staff and decrease the back-log a "user fee" was established to supplement the budget. To sell the "user fee" to the companies a review completion time was negotiated that would almost guarantee a decision in 1/4 to 1/2 the time it was normally taking.

    If I remember correctly the review of submissions is usually completed using the applicants testing data.

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