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Nice dinner and night alone together..?

My husband is going to be 40 this December. Last year at 39, we had a big bash for him at a local bar. It was a lot of fun, everyone had a great time, a very memorable birthday for him.

This year, I want to acknowledge his birthday, of course. He tells me "I don't need a birthday, or anything to extravagant". First, I am 24, and he hasn't done anything BIG for my birthday. Theres nothing wrong with that of course, we've had a nice dinner, and night to ourselves, just nothing like a party or something. In part, because of that, I don't see reason to throw him a big party.

Also, as I said, I did put together a big party for him last year. I was able to make contact with his brother (who he hadn't seen for over 30 years and are now really close)

So, what should I do / plan for his birthday? A nice dinner and a night together, is that really good? (I would like to make a bigger deal out of his birthday, then I or anyone else would do for me. He deserves it more. :D)



So far, I appriciate the positive, mature answers. I was expecting to get jokes on my "I don't get parties" comment. :P Thanks guys.

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    Sounds good so far. Would it be possible to prepare or cater for his favorite dish? or favorite type of wine?

    If your man downplays the whole birthday thing, you could get a small french chocolate or custard tart and put a little birthday candle in it. It says you remember the birthday as a special occasion, but you are not going to make a big deal.

    Maybe wear something slinky at the table? Maybe let him remember what things were like when you were first dating? If you remember the first movie you saw with him, rent it at the video store and have it convenient and ready to go.

    Even when us guys say we don't like all the mushy stuff, we really do...but you can't tell all his friends about it. He still has to look cool to them. Best of luck to you.....Finn

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    I think you should have dinner at a nice hotel and rent the suit out after dinner blind fold him and take him to the room have wine roses and candle light in the room and have sexy lingerie in the closet. Both of you will enjoy this relaxation and have some good love run the water in the jacuzzi bath tub and put bubbles and roses petals let him get in with you and have him wash know this is for you. See you will have a good time and he will to and it is not a big party it is just you and him.

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    If you don't feel like throwing a huge bash, try a smaller one, with just close friends and available family. Have a cookout at home. He may really like a nite alone as well, nice meal, and then the rest of the evening with his nice young 24 yr old wife. :)

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    He said he doesn't need anything extravagant and he probably means it. But he does want YOU to acknowledge his birthday. Take him out for a nice dinner....some place you wouldn't usually go. Perhaps afterwards, take him to his favorite activity. (Sporting event, favorite hangout, etc.) Thanks all a guy really looks for. Especially since you're done to big party already.

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    If you think he deserves it then nothing should stop you. I think it's great that you don't feel upset that he doesn't do these things for you... although I don't think it would hurt him, there is a different in age and he may be a little old fashioned... hehe sounds like a great relationship. Whatever you do for him I'm sure he will enjoy it! Have fun!

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    For my 40th my wife surprised me, took me out for dinner and a few drinks, only to be greeted by about 40 friends and a 250 lb belly dancer called 'Ton's of Fun". It was night to remember, trust me.

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    Dinner and some nookey with a 24 year old sounds pretty good to me.

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    One bash every 10 years is good, but don't over do it... dinner and night alone sounds fine.

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    Hunny, when people get older they don't what to celebrate as much, a cozy dinner for the both of you sounds good.

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    Dinner and nooky. ;)

    Put out a billboard "Lordy Lordy ____ is 40! Also, run a pic of him as a kid in your local paper announcing it. Most of all, have fun!

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