Does anyone have a recipe for making Apple Jack?


I have a few apple trees on my property and would like to have a recipe for making apple jack out of the apples.

It is legal to make a certain amount of spirits for your own personal consumption. Just like you can brew your own beer and make your own wine.

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    You can make it from hard cider, but I must warn you that it is illegal unless you have a license to distill spirits from the ATF.

    You don't need a still, you can do it by partially freezing hard cider and then pouring off the stuff that doesn't freeze, that's all alcohol and sugar. This is called jacking.

    *****Even though you are not using a still it is still considered illegal by the ATF*****

    Also, certain compounds produced by fermentation that normally get filtered out by heat distilling don't get filtered out by freeze distilling and get concentrated in the final drink.

    Edited to add...

    You are allowed to make cider, you would just ferment apple juice, from that you make apple jack as described above, but get permission from the ATF first.

    Source(s): Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills, it's an old book on country living.
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    If you are talking about the shot it's Apple Pucker and Jack Daniel's shaken over ice. If your talking about something else, no idea.

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    Nope... But I have a recipe for something else :)

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    Go to your nearest grocery store, and purchase it.

    Gg no re .

    Source(s): Common sense.
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