Is it true that Boca Juniors are having an expansion team for the MLS?

Is it true that Boca Juniors are having an expansion team for the MLS? because i heard that the MLS wants more expansion teams, so what are the odds of a BOCA team coming?

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    MLS does have planned to expand the league.....

    San Jose is the next city with a new expansion team

    Seattle looks like the next on the list after that.

    Phily, Miami and another team in NYC are possible future locations.

    As for Boca Jrs., there is talk going on for a team called" Boca Jrs USA" which would be the same concept behind Chivas USA. This news came out after a successful small tour of the USA by the club. They see the potential of having a team in the MLS. Schelotto would be the key player to spearhead the new team.

    Cities that look like prime locations are Miami and NYC.

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    ok. it's very unlikely that it will happen within 5 years.

    but if they do get will be in philadelphia, St. Louis, Montreal, or Vancouver. those are the top prospects for expansion clubs.

    The Seattle Sounders are moving up to the MLS from the USL-1. and San Jose is getting their team back. they had the earthquake before. but for some reason, the owners moved them. miami won't be getting an expansion franchise for a while, they had a club and it was a HUGE flop in the was tampa bay.

    so it is possible if BOCA wants to get a club up here for them to put it in philly (next choice for a club) or ST. Louis.

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    that would be cool if that happened.I heard about this on univision early last month.Palermo of boca juniors also expressed interest in coming to play in this proposed expansion team.

    Source(s): I have the feeling that if it does happen it will be in Miami.hi al
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