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my girlfriend broke up with me?

my girlfriend broke up with me. she said, she was in love with me the day before we broke up, but the next day she broke up with me, she said, she has feelings for another guy. she's 16 and i'm 19. she said, she only loves me as a brother

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    I agree with the other answerers who say she is too young. At 19, I am sure you are out of high school, while she is just half way through. With high school comes a lot of unneccessary drama, with this being some of it. Move on to someone who is past all of that.

    You're still young, its not the end of the world.

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    I'm sorry, but teenagers aren't ready for steady relationships no matter how mature they seem, or how much they say that they love you! That whole love as a brother is just a slap in the face, forget about it and just know that if you're dating someone that young that they're not looking for something steady. If you want some one who will stick with you and not change out like the days of the week then go for someone that's a LITTLE older than you, then you may have something.(Don't go to old though!)

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    I think she might have told you she loved you because she was confused. When people are confused, they can say stupid stuff. If she only loves you as a brother then it's best to forget her - it sounds like she used a euphemism (a way of softening the blow) so she wouldn't feel as bad for dumping you. Don't worry about it - find someone who will love you as a boyfriend not as a brother. Good luck

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    Look at her age, I'm all for young girls but at that age they want to go out and explore a bit like I"m sure you did as well. In all honesty she is not going to be the girl you are going to marry so I wouldn't stress over it. Think about it this way as well, you are fastly approaching the bar age (I'm assuming you are from the US) and there will be plenty of girls to date then. Chalk this one up to her being young and dumb and wanting to test the waters.

    She's pretty much playing the field

    Of *****

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    Well she is 16 I think she just wants to date around and find what she wants before she settles down. Give it time if she loves u she will come back.

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    Trust me bro, i feel so stupid for dating in my teens it was so pointless you should enjoy your youth dont settle at such an early age. Dating during your teens is like preparing for a family at that age. Even having sex at that age is super risky cause most teens are very careless. Just enjoy being young, hangout with friends but focus on your future first.

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    Dont take it seriously. If your Girlfriend really loves the guy, set her free. Go find someone. There is always a person meant for you.

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    ummm dude your older then her

    of coruse she thinks of u as a brother


    your older and she wants someone her own age

    which in terms means she has mixed feelings for you

    she likes u as a brother and a boyfriend

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    Teenager, of course, move on, maybe to a more mature woman, cause usually younger ones don't understand what love is.

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