How to plot function in matlab or maple for example {(F/M)/(k-c)^2+ω^2}*{exp(-kt) – exp(-ct)*[cosωt-{(k-c)/(ω)

in above f is force and constant and m is mass and k,c is constant.just tell me how to plot this function.

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  • Ivan D
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    1 decade ago
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    t = t_start:h:t_end;

    y = {(F/M)/(k-c)^2+ω^2}*{exp(-k*.t) – exp(-c*t)*[cosω*.t-{(k-c)/(ω) ;


    (t_start, t_end) is the interval of time on which you want to plot the function

    h is the time step eg. h= 1 second or h = 0.1 second

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