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Looking for satanic dobermans and evil troll movie from the 70's or 80's?

I remember this movie I saw when I was a kid where this pack of dobermans running around with pentagram collars knocked the jackstands out from the car a guy was laying under and there was another part where this lady got a souvenir of a doll then it came to life in her apartment and gets a knife and tries to kill her...

Anybody remember this? I need to see it again. Thanks


Well it is two separate movies. Trilogy of Terror is right! Thanks all!

Now for the Satanic Dobermans... There was a pack of them and they went around killing. I'm not sure if it's the same as the one with the Dobermans that helped in a bank robbery or something...

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    "Zoltan, Hound of Dracula" (1977) aka "Dracula's Dog" might be the first one. I can't be certain. Here's some information on Wikipedia about this film:


    I wouldn't swear that this is what you're asking about though.

    "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" had an episode titled "The Devil's Platform" in which the political candidate could shapeshift into a killer dog. I think he wore a collar with a pentagram. I don't remember a pack of them though.//No, that wouldn't be it because a description of the episode refers to a black mastiff. Oh well...

    The souvenir doll that comes to life in the apartment sounds like "Amelia", the third segment of "Trilogy of Terror" (1975 TV movie). Karen Black as Amelia accidentally dislodges a chain that is keeping the "Indian" fetish doll captive. The fierce little creature then terrorizes her (and the audience!) till she appears to defeat it. In the final scene, we know that she has failed.


    I don't think both of these scenes appear in one film.

    You refer to a troll movie, too, but you don't describe any of it. "Troll" (1986) has the creature of the title turning a building into an evil fantasy world, one apartment at a time.


    If you think of other details, I can try looking some more. Of course, someone might have the answers by the time I'm through typing my answer.

    EDIT: I doubt that your dogs are from "The Doberman Gang" (1972) or "The Daring Dobermans" (1973), not with the pentagram collars mentioned. I did consider "The Final Conflict" (1981), which I haven't seen for a while. I thought of it because Damien has a lot of murders done in his special satanic way; but, I don't recall this scene though it is starting to sound familiar to me. I really wish that I could answer this for you AND me! Now, I'm very curious.

    By the way, the fierocious doll makes a comeback in "Trilogy of Terror II" (1996), which stars Lysette Anthony in three stories, the way the first film has Karen Black in three tales. The doll segment in this isn't as frightening because it's set in a museum, with a number of people falling victim to it. They change the identification of the doll in response to people noting that the Zuni tribe certainly would not have such a creation. Here's information about the second TV movie:


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    Doberman Movie

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    The name of the movie is " Crash " I remember it had two Dobermans with collars that had satanic powers that went with a key chain that went to a black car I think was a corvette that would drive by itself and the dogs eyes would glow red when they were about to do evil things. I found info on it a while back but nothing now on internet.

    If I can find out more I will post a link for you !

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    I remember evil dobermans in one of the Freddy Kruger movies.

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    Evil doll? Chucky?

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