F.5 English Question???

Hello everybody,

I want to ask you what the word i should know before when i was a from 5 student?Please give me some example. They can show all the word i should know before.(Please also show all the word i should know when i was a primary school student)^^

Because my English is so poor ~~

If you want to give me another information for English, Please add: makiyocsy@hotmail.com THX~~

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    There are some common mistakes made by students:

    1. lack

    I lack (v.) money. (no of after lack when it is a verb)

    I am lacking(adj.) in money. (use in when lack is an adjective)

    i am in lack(n.) of money. (in lack +of when lack is a noun)

    Many students make mistakes!

    2. Attract Vs. attack

    Pay attention to the spelling

    3. Principal (head of a school) Vs principle

    4. poverty

    - the noun form of poor

    5. Greed

    - the noun form of greedy. NOT GREEDINESS!!!

    Source(s): own knowledge
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  • 1 decade ago

    我依家都係from five student now



    果本書好正......對writting 同oral都好有用




    我介紹俾你 (email度)

    and 講讀依本書既少少方法俾你聽

    but可唔可以選我做最佳答案 ?

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