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I was searching position in investment bank for internship, i found out that:

Equities - Research

Equities - Sales & Trading

Fixed Income - Research

Fixed Income - Sales & Trading

1]What is the main difference between Equities and Fixed Income? Do they do totally different things? Which is better?

Is it extremely hard to apply a position for summer intern in Ibank? If I study poly, GPA 3, study engine & exchange before?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Equities refer to stocks investment. In Ibank they may divide up by region or by industry ( e.g. emerging market , japan, korea etc. or by industry group: energy group, restaurant , technology ...)

    Fixed Income refer to securities that yield fixed return....like bonds

    They are totally 2 different products. Fixed Income team will need someone that has a more quantitative background because you need to work with a lot of numbers and models. Equities may require more critical thinking, you need to think of from macro environment then narrow down to personal preference. You can't say which one is better. Someone like equities more, someone like fixed income more.

    Regarding your chance to work as summer internship in ibank .........I cannot answer that. At the end, there's no standard. I know someone who's really smart in ibank, I also know someone who's very stupid also working there.

    Try to build up your network. It should help somehow.

    Good luck.

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