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    World Meteological Organization of the United Nations ( WMO) Express today, Australia presents the universe drought long-termly this year, relates to the fact that the unseen before climate way happens in the sea basin and the Indian Ocean of Pacific Ocean.

    World Meteological Organization verify one very obvious, destroy normal holy baby ocean current instead of climate in statement, pass the Pacific Ocean near the equator.

    This predicts with scene in July of this year it is unanimous.

    World Meteological Organization expresses, this kind of phenomenon relates to ' the climate crisis ', remain to carry on some assessment in all parts of the world.

    The holy baby's phenomenon usually combines several kinds of climate phenomena instead, including the hot-blast way above the sea basin of Pacific Ocean, and the colder sea of west bank of Latin America lean towards the warm phenomenon of warm sea with West Pacific Ocean warmly.

    But this year holy baby phenomenon take place with anticipated a opposite one unusual originally instead, the North of Australia and sea in all islands of Indonesia drop warmly, and all sorts of different changes take place in the sea temperature of the Indian Ocean.

    The meteorological expert of WMO says Australia's present the universe drought is very serious, is a unique a kind of unusual phenomenon instead that the holy baby's phenomenon causes.

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    The United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) today indicated that, Australian this year appears the long-term drought, has never has seen the climate pattern with the Pacific Ocean oceanic basin and Indian Ocean to concern. The World Meteorological Organization confirmed in the statement that, is extremely obvious, the destruction normal climate counter- saint infant ocean current, is passing nearby the equator the Pacific Ocean. This with this July weather forecast is consistent.

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